A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 3134

“Mr Chen, are you alright?”

Ji Yun hurriedly won up and was very happy to see that Kai was fine!

“I’m fine!” Kai smiled faintly!

And when the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man on the side saw Kai, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes, his eyes filled with incredulity!

“Mr Chen, you …… your breath …… you actually broke through? And broken through to the peak of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm?”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder sucked in a breath of cold air and said!

To know that they had only left with Kai for a few days only, although none of them knew where Kai had gone, but in a few days time, they had risen from the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm to the peak of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, which was too outrageous!

When the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder said so, Ji Yun realised that the aura on Kai’s body had changed qualitatively, and that the realm had indeed risen a lot!

“Mr Chen, could it be that you have encountered a strange encounter?”

Ji Yun’s eyes were filled with envy!

After all, this was a former ancient battlefield, so if one encountered any strange encounters or inheritances, it was only natural that one’s realm would rise quickly!

“Sort of!” Kai nodded!

Not far away, Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai and the others were also shocked as they watched Kai’s realm rise so quickly!

Apart from being shocked is envy, they were here, and apart from picking up some broken copper and iron broken weapons, they almost got nothing!

Yet, they did not want Kai to have a strange encounter, which had also allowed him to raise his realm so much!

“Mr Chen, we’ve been round here for days and couldn’t get out, apart from the skeletons all over the ground, we didn’t find anything, how did you come across the strange encounter?”

“And we’ve been looking for you, we always feel like your aura is around us, but we can’t find you at all, it’s really strange.”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man was very curious, according to the fact that so many of them had been round for days and found nothing, how did Kai discover the strange encounter?

“It’s a long story, in fact, there are quite a few strange encounters in this place, it’s just that a lot of them aren’t in the same dimension as us, so we can’t see them.”

Kai explained!

“Could it be that someone has survived here and created a parallel world using spatial arts?”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder was filled with astonishment!

To know that cultivators who were able to create worlds, it was the strength of an Immortal, could it be that there were still Immortals alive here!

Kai shook his head, “It’s not a parallel world, we are still in the same world, just in a different dimension, there is no one alive here, the only ones that are alive are some remnants of souls.”

Although the Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man did not understand too well, he did understand what Kai meant!

“Mr Chen, we’re stuck here now, we can’t even fly, there’s no way to get out of here.”

Ji Yun said with a worried face!

“Don’t worry, there will definitely be a way out of here, we just didn’t do find the right direction.”

“The way out of here, maybe inside the water ……”

Kai glanced at the light red blood water.

“Inside the water?” Ji Yun and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder looked at that Spirit Spring water at the same time!

“Yeah, we’ve been searching for days but no one has gone deep into the water to look for it, maybe the exit is in the water.”

Ji Lianzhuang slapped his head as if he understood something!

At this moment, Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai and the others, listening to Kai’s words, also all looked towards the water!

After all, no one wanted to be trapped here!

“Fellow Daoist, now that we are all trapped here, can we join you?”

A cultivator walked towards Kai and asked cautiously to Kai!

They could also see that Kai knew more about this place than they did, and that Kai had had strange encounters, so he might really be able to take them out!

“Yes!” Kai nodded!

Seeing Kai agree, many cultivators had stood on Kai’s side, and soon there were only a few Zhou family underlings left on Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai’s side!


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