A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3133

Soon, the second thunder tribulation was generated, emitting a rushing hiss as it once again blasted towards Kai!

Perhaps that thunder tribulation cloud was also angry, so this one was even more terrifying than the first!

Seeing this, Kai went straight towards the thunder tribulation.

The Silver Feathered Eagle looked at Kai in shock, and saw Kai, once again, being bombarded by that thunderbolt!

Only this time, Kai was slowly opening his hands, causing the thunderbolt to travel through Kai’s hands and within his body!

Around Kai’s body, blue electric arcs constantly filled the air!

That red-coloured thick thunderbolt, after wandering through Kai’s body, had turned into golden lightning little by little!

Within Kai’s Origin Space, that Lightning Origin Star emitted a dazzling light.

Kai’s face revealed a satisfied expression as he violently waved his palm, and the golden lightning went straight towards the Silver Feathered Eagle!

The golden lightning instantly penetrated the void and arrived in front of the Silver Feathered Eagle in the blink of an eye, the golden lightning struck the Silver Feathered Eagle’s body sending out a violent explosion!

The Silver Feathered Eagle’s body plummeted rapidly and finally managed to stabilise its form!

The Silver Feathered Eagle looked at Kai incredulously, he did not expect that Kai would be able to control the power of the thunderbolt!

As for Kai, he was inwardly ecstatic after scoring a hit, he was now constantly able to withstand the lightning tribulation and was even able to manipulate it!

It seemed that the lightning origin that he had perceived within his body had indeed played a considerable role!

With regards to this power of thunder and lightning, Kai’s knowledge and perception became deeper and deeper!

He could even penetrate the inner core of every thunder tribulation power, every trace of arc, every current!

Just as Kai was revelling in his inner ecstasy, the Silver Feathered Eagle swiftly rushed up!

Now that Kai was able to manipulate the power of the Thunder Tribulation, he wanted to take advantage of the time when the Thunder Tribulation coalesced again to kill Kai!

However, just as the Silver Feathered Eagle was charging towards Kai once again, another Thunder Tribulation blasted down!

Kai instantly manipulated the thunder tribulation and blasted it towards the Silver Feathered Eagle!

A streak of golden lightning blasted out from Kai’s hands, while the thunder tribulation cloud in mid-air continued to condense the thunder tribulation!

The Silver Feathered Eagle dodged and looked at Kai in disbelief, this was originally a thunderbolt that allowed cultivators to refine their bodies, but now it had become a plaything in Kai’s hands!

A thunderbolt blasted down, Kai’s unbreakable golden body, surrounded by electric current surging, like a god of thunder and lightning!

The Silver Feathered Eagle desperately dodged, but was still bombarded by a lot of golden lightning!

Silver Feather Eagle’s heart kept cursing angrily, he didn’t know how Kai, a small Harmonisation Realm cultivator, could have triggered so many lightning tribulations?

How many strikes had it been? It still hasn’t ended?

Under the bombardment of the thunder tribulation, the Silver Feathered Eagle finally could not withstand it, and in the eyes of unwillingness and humiliation, its soul finally flew away!

It originally had a divine soul left in existence, and this time it completely disappeared!

After destroying the Silver Feathered Eagle, the thunderbolt cloud in the half block also slowly dissipated!

At this time, Kai, his body suspended in mid-air, like a true god, could not help but make people admire him!

Whether it was the cultivators on the island, or on the spirit ship, they looked at Kai blankly, their eyes filled with complex expressions!

Kai calmed down for a while before he slowly landed!

When the many cultivators on the small island saw Kai, one by one, they kept retreating backwards as if they were seeing a monster!

Kai did not pay any attention to them, but instead leapt forward and jumped back into the bottomless deep hole!

Although he had come out, but Ji Yun and the others were still trapped inside, Kai could not ignore them!

And at the bottom of that cave, many cultivators also began to pick up and select the weapons and magic treasures that had just fallen down!

Immediately after that, a black shadow was seen rapidly falling down!

“Quickly dodge, something has fallen again ……”

Ji Yun shouted, pulling Ji Lianzhuang away in a hurry!

But when the black shadow fell in front of them, the crowd was surprised to find that it was actually Kai!


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