A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3132

The sky over the entire island was covered in dark clouds, and it was dim below!

Those who stayed on the island, as well as those on the spirit ship, looked at the sudden appearance of the thunderbolt cloud in the sky, and each one of them had a terrified look on their faces!

They didn’t understand what kind of breakthrough would trigger such a terrifying thundercloud!

The seawater of the Ink Sea, at this time, was also affected, rolling violently, as if the end had come

Rumble …………

A thick streak of lightning, travelling through the Thunderjack Cloud, a terrifying aura constantly rising, could be about to strike down at any moment!

The Thunder Tribulation Cloud continued to condense lightning, intending to blast out the most powerful strike!

Kai’s body, at this moment, was still like a shooting star, rapidly rushing upwards!

The Silver Feathered Eagle was desperately chasing after him, with the intention of immortality!

And those evil spirits, also launched an attack towards Kai, countless evil spirits wrapped around Kai, but simply could not cause substantial damage to Kai!

The power of the Unbreakable Golden Body blocked these evil spirits from the outside, not to mention that Kai’s body was even stronger at this time, even without the Unbreakable Golden Body, it would be impossible for these evil spirits to injure Kai!

Along with Kai getting closer and closer to the cave entrance, the thunderbolt clouds in the sky seemed to boil!

Rumbling …………

Finally, after brewing for a long time, a thick thunder tribulation rumbled down, heading straight towards Kai!

The thunder tribulation carried a dazzling light that instantly cut through the sky, illuminating everyone’s shocked expressions!

When Kai saw this, he could not help but frown!

He was still in the cave at this moment, but he did not expect that the thunder tribulation could not help but blast down, in that case, if he blocked in front, he would not be able to cause much damage to that Silver Feathered Eagle at all!

After all, the entrance to the cave was not very large, the thunderbolt bombarded down, and the damage was all blocked by himself.

However, since this was the case, Kai could only resist this thunder tribulation, thinking well that when he broke through, there would be more than one thunder tribulation.

Kai let out a low gulp, and the Lightning Origin Stars within the Origin Space flickered!

At the time of his breakthrough, Kai was even thinking of relying on the power of this thunder tribulation to sense some more lightning origin!

The thunder tribulation violently bombarded Kai’s body, causing Kai’s body to erupt in a terrifying burst of lightning power!

This thunder tribulation caused Kai’s body to sink violently, and his Unbreakable Golden Body was blasted off several of its scales!

Those evil spirits that had originally surrounded Kai and were constantly attacking him were instantly killed by the thunderbolt!

Countless crippled weapons or magical artefacts fell towards the bottom!

Ji Yun and the others who were down below began to dodge one after another to prevent being smashed, while Ji Lianzhang’s eyes were glowing as he hurriedly searched for valuable items amongst those mutilated weapons and magical artefacts!

As for the Silver Feathered Eagle that had been chasing Kai, he also stopped instantly when he saw this!

He did not expect that under such circumstances, Kai would choose to break through and suffer such a terrifying lightning tribulation!

Looking at Kai being directly bombarded by that thick lightning tribulation, he fell downwards for some distance, while the Silver Feathered Eagle watched from the sidelines!

Right now, even if he didn’t make a move, it was estimated that Kai wouldn’t be able to withstand the bombardment of the lightning tribulation and would fly into ashes!

But in this way, it was a pity that Kai’s energy that had just been fused together!

After the thunder tribulation, Kai was not harmed!

He took advantage of the fact that the second thunder tribulation was still coalescing, Kai’s body once again rushed upwards, instantly passing through the hole and still rising!

The Silver Feathered Eagle was surprised to see Kai actually flying towards the Thunder Tribulation Cloud!

“This fellow, is this looking for death himself?”

The Silver Feathered Eagle was very puzzled, he did not understand why Kai was desperately trying to get closer to that Thunderjack Cloud!

One must know that the closer one was to the thunderbolt cloud, the more terrifying the bombardment from the thunderbolt would be!

The Silver Feathered Eagle also followed, he wanted to see what this Kai was trying to do!


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