A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 3131

Kai flew higher and higher, even towards the top of the cave!

To know that this cave entrance was all filled with evil spirits, Kai flying up like this, when the time came, there would be evil spirits above and silver feathered eagles below, this was a belly to belly attack!

“Mr Chen, quickly come down, quickly come down ……”

Ji Yun shouted as hard as he could, but it was simply useless, it was as if Kai could not hear him!

The crowd could only watch as Kai flew higher and higher, the crowd could only see a glimmer of light, rising higher and higher!

The Silver Feathered Eagle was chasing Kai closely behind him, his eyes bursting with rage!

The sword that had just been used had made the Silver Feathered Eagle so enraged that it was determined to break Kai into pieces!

The Unbreakable Golden Body on Kai’s body emitted a dazzling light, and the Dragon Qi within the Dragon Crystal began to spread within his body!

At Kai’s dantian, changes were quietly taking place!

This was Kai preparing for a breakthrough!

Kai now had the Unbreakable Golden Body, so he was not afraid of those evil spirits at all, even if he stood still at this time, those evil spirits would not be able to hurt him in the slightest!

As for the Silver Feathered Eagle, Kai planned to use his own tribulation thunderbolt to blast the Silver Feathered Eagle to death!

Although Kai was at his weakest during the time of the tribulation, this was just the right time to lure the Silver Feathered Eagle into the range of the tribulation thunderbolt!

Kai was taking a gamble this time, and it was considered a big gamble!

If fighting alone, Kai’s current strength was not a match for this ancient mount, the Silver Feathered Eagle, even if this Silver Feathered Eagle did not have its own body, it was not something Kai could handle!

Rumble …………

Suddenly, clouds had gathered above the sky, and thunder tribulation flashed!

Feeling the thunder tribulation cloud that appeared in the sky, Kai was incomparably calm, after experiencing countless times of thunder tribulation, Kai was not afraid of this thunder tribulation cloud anymore!

It was only this time that the power of the thunder in the thunder tribulation cloud did not seem to be very powerful!

Kai couldn’t help but frown, and then all the Dragon Qi within the Dragon Crystal exploded, and even the fusion of that giant egg energy, Kai had no reservations!

Kai was planning to break through several realms at once, in this way, the power of the thunderbolt would be many times greater!

However, the danger of this was also the highest!

After Kai exploded all of his energy, the aura on his body reached the peak of the eighth grade in the blink of an eye.

It was important to know that for every small realm that Kai raised, the resources and spiritual qi required would be terrifying, which was why Kai’s rate of advancement was very slow!

Along with the realms getting higher and higher, the resources and spiritual qi needed for Kai to raise his realm would be dozens, if not hundreds of times that of other people!

And this time, Kai directly jumped from the fifth rank of the Harmonisation Realm to the peak of the eighth rank of the Harmonisation Realm, this terrifying ascension was also enough to surface how terrifying those dragon qi and the energy within the giant egg were!

If this was an ordinary cultivator, after absorbing so many resources, it would be a breeze to directly ascend a large realm!

Kai’s heart was flooded with excitement, if he hadn’t followed Ji Yun to the Sea of Mo this time, then he wouldn’t have had this miraculous encounter, and even more so, he wouldn’t have been able to ascend several realms at once!

If one were to rely solely on some immortal herbs and elixirs, it would probably take a monkey’s time for Kai to ascend to the peak of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm!

Now that Kai had discovered it, some of the resources left behind by the Heavenly Realm were the most helpful for his realm advancement!

That Ice Spirit Fragment, and now the Dragon Qi, and the giant egg that was birthed from that heavenly realm!

These things that were not originally from the Celestial Realm were all left behind during the Great War between the Gods and Demons!

And these things were really too helpful for Kai’s cultivation!

Thinking about all this, Kai decided to go around the Celestial Realm more in the future, looking for those forgotten ancient battlefields to see if he could find resources!

Along with Kai’s elevation in realm, the thunderbolt clouds in mid-air churned and coalesced with greater power!


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