A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3130

The Silver Feathered Eagle’s eyes instantly widened, and two rays of light shot out from its silver eyes.

Click click click click …………

The two rays of light struck above that eggshell, causing it to break open much faster!

Kai stayed inside the giant egg at this time, holding the Dragon Cutting Sword in one hand, quietly waiting to rush out and follow that Silver Feathered Eagle into battle!

Clash …………

Finally, the egg shell completely shattered, and Kai rushed out at the first time, his body’s Unbreakable Golden Body exuding a piercing golden light, and the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand chopping towards that Silver Feathered Eagle!


Although he was in the water, Kai’s speed was also very fast!

When that Silver Feathered Eagle realised that Kai was nothing more than a small weakling of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, his eyes were immediately filled with disdain!

Although its main body had also long since perished at this point, and its strength was greatly reduced, it was still more than enough to deal with a small weak chicken of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm!

Even Zhou Tai, that peak Harmonisation Realm cultivator, in front of the Silver Feathered Eagle, only had a part to play in running for his life!

The Silver Feathered Eagle didn’t dodge, didn’t even bother to move its body, and its huge beak slammed directly towards Kai’s Dragon Cutting Sword!

Seeing that this Silver Feathered Eagle was so arrogant, Kai’s heart was instantly happy, just when the Dragon Chopping Sword was about to hit that eagle’s beak, Kai suddenly erupted with the power of the Divine Dragon, and the Dragon Crystal in front of his chest even more crazily began to flicker!

“Boom …………”

The dragon qi that was originally stored within the dragon crystal instantly erupted, Kai’s divine dragon power instantly skyrocketed several times, while the Dragon Chopping Sword stood heavily on top of that eagle’s beak!

The immense force instantly sent that Silver Feathered Eagle flying!

The Silver Feathered Eagle had originally thought that Kai was a small weakling of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, so it did not care, but this time, it had suffered a great loss!

At the same time as he sent that Silver Feathered Eagle flying out, Kai’s body leapt up and rushed towards the outside of the Spirit Spring!

Kai knew that this Silver Feathered Eagle had suffered a loss because of carelessness, not because it was not strong!

He was now at a disadvantage if he followed the Silver Feathered Eagle in the water, so Kai wanted to rush out first!

Kai’s body was like an arrow off the string, instantly rushing out, and when it was out of the water, Kai’s body was actually still rushing upwards!

It was only at this time that Kai realised that the prohibitions here actually did not work for him, he could fly!

And right after Kai rushed out of the water, the infuriated Silver Feathered Eagle, followed and chased out!

Kai flew in front, and the Silver Feathered Eagle chased after him!

Those other cultivators, who were still looking for a way out, were startled by this sudden turn of events!

“Mr Chen, that’s Mr Chen ……”

Ji Yun realised that Kai had actually rushed out of the water, and then shouted!

But when he saw the Silver Feathered Eagle chasing Kai behind him, he immediately panicked!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder also found out and physically leapt forward to help Kai!

Unfortunately, the restriction here caused the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man’s body to fall quickly after he leapt up, and there was no way for him to fly, so there was no way for him to save Kai!

Now, the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder also panicked, and could only look up at the sky and shouted “Mr Chen, quickly fall down, we will join forces to deal with this demonic beast.”

Only, it was as if Kai could not hear him, his body flew higher and higher!

It was that Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai who saw this scene and all revealed smug smiles!

“Hahahaha, just now this beast only chased after myself, now it’s starting to chase after this brute ……”

Zhou Tai laughed out loud, finally having comfort in his heart!

When Zhou Tai had just finished speaking, he instantly felt icy cold gazes shooting over!

Zhou Tai saw that Ji Yun and the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man were looking at him with a murderous aura!

This startled Zhou Tai and he hurriedly kept his mouth shut!

Now that his strength was damaged, he didn’t dare to be fighting!

What’s more, with the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder on this side, even if he and his own men plus Ye Fengqing were to be added, they would not be a match for Ji Yun, Ji Lianzhang and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder!


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