A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3129

Buzz …………

Suddenly, the giant egg shook, followed by the middle-aged man’s expression instantly becoming tense!

And Kai also saw that outside the giant egg, a huge wave was set off!

Obviously, someone was rapidly coming towards this place and had broken through the spatial dimension.

“Someone is coming, no matter what happens, don’t move ……”

The middle-aged man reminded Kai!

Kai nodded and could only look outside quietly through the eggshell!

Soon, a huge demonic beast had been rushing in, its body filled with the colour of blood!

Kai had never seen this kind of demonic beast before, its sharp beak resembling an eagle!

While the middle-aged man, after seeing the demonic beast, his brows stretched and his expression was no longer tense!

When that demonic beast arrived in front of the middle-aged man, its body transformed into a human form and stood opposite the middle-aged man!

“Silver Feathered Eagle, you are nothing but a mount, your master is dead, do you still want to hit the idea of this giant egg?”

The middle-aged man said with a disdainful face!

“You are nothing but a remnant soul now, even you are hitting this giant egg, why can’t I?”

The Silver Feathered Eagle asked coldly!

“Joke, what kind of thing are you, and are you worthy of following our Dragon Clan in comparison?”

“Don’t think that just because you’ve infested yourself with human blood, you can hide your inferior bloodline, with your kind of bloodline, you’re only worthy of being a mount.”

“This giant egg is a thing nurtured by heaven and earth, is it not something that a lowly beast like you can get your hands on.”

“Besides, you are late, this giant egg is already the property of our dragon clan, if you don’t believe me, you can take a look inside.”

The middle-aged man said with a cold smile!

The Silver Feathered Eagle was cursed and filled with anger, but when he saw inside the giant egg, Kai’s figure, he instantly became surprised!

“Surprisingly, someone wants to fuse this giant egg, I will not let him succeed.”

The Silver Feathered Eagle said, and transformed back into a giant eagle with a furious roar emanating from its mouth!

The middle-aged man’s expression was incomparably indifferent, seeing the Silver Feathered Eagle attacking him, he surprisingly did not dodge or flash!

Suddenly, one of the Silver Feathered Eagle’s wings fiercely slapped the middle-aged man’s body!

The middle-aged man’s body instantly flew backwards!

While flying out backwards, the middle-aged man’s body was becoming more and more void!

Kai saw this scene from within the giant egg, and his heart instantly grew tense and angry!

“Don’t move, this wisp of my residual soul wouldn’t have existed for long, even if this Silver Feathered Eagle didn’t make a move, I would have disappeared very quickly.”

“Fuse slowly, don’t be nervous, I’m afraid that the future hopes of our Dragon Clan will be placed on your body.”

The middle-aged man’s voice rang in Kai’s ears!

His body, on the other hand, was getting fainter and fainter, and in the end, it completely disappeared!

After that Silver Feathered Eagle sent the middle-aged man flying, a pair of eagle claws directly grabbed towards the giant egg!

He wanted to claw through the egg shell and grab Kai out of it!

Although a lot of the energy in the giant egg had been fused by Kai, it could have swallowed Kai directly to obtain the energy in the giant egg!

Boom Boom Boom …………

The Silver Feathered Eagle’s huge eagle claws continuously slapped on the egg shell!

The seemingly fragile eggshell didn’t even crack in the slightest under that Silver Feathered Eagle’s slapping!

Kai saw that that Silver Feathered Eagle could not break this eggshell at all, so he quieted his mind and quickly fused it!

And that Silver Feathered Eagle became manic, using all its strength in every stroke!

Soon, the Silver Feathered Eagle seemed to run out of strength and could only stand in the giant egg, looking at Kai inside through the transparent egg shell!

The Silver Feathered Eagle looked at Kai coldly, with a silver glow in its eyes, like a silver sword stabbing at Kai!

The Silver Feathered Eagle was waiting, waiting for the moment Kai broke out of his shell, it would swallow Kai straight away!

Click ……

Suddenly, there was a tiny sound, and the hard shell of the giant egg began to crack open with a tiny crack!


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