A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3128

Sure enough, this move fooled that Silver Feathered Eagle, only to see the Silver Feathered Eagle charging towards the bloody man!

Boom …………

Accompanied by a loud bang, the bloody man burst open with a loud bang, and a blood mist filled his head and filled the surroundings!

The Silver Feathered Eagle, on the other hand, plunged headfirst into the blood mist, its silver feathers instantly turning blood red!

The Silver Feathered Eagle that turned blood red became even more terrifying, many cultivators smelled the thick bloody air, and at the sight of the terrifying appearance of the Silver Feathered Eagle, all of them trembled in fear!

However, that Silver Feathered Eagle was not attacking other people, as if it was targeting Zhou Tai!

After being drenched in the colour of blood, the Silver Feathered Eagle rushed headlong into the light red blood pool, instantly disappearing!

“How did this demonic beast only attack that Zhou Tai?”

Seeing this, Ji Yun was puzzled!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder seemed to see something and said with a faint smile “This beast should have sniffed out the life-preserving technique on Zhou Tai’s body and that’s why it rushed towards him.”

“Didn’t you see that it deliberately rushed into the blood mist, and after getting its entire body stained with blood, it rushed into the spirit spring in front of it, presumably there is something within this spirit spring.”

When Ji Yun heard this, he instantly laughed, this Zhou Family’s life preservation technique is really strange, now that it has directly become the target of a demonic beast’s attack, it is estimated that this Zhou Tai is very depressed at this time!

After the demonic beast rushed into the spirit spring, Zhou Tai, who originally had a dried up body, slowly stood up, the whole person seemed to have aged a lot, and his breath became weak, but his life was finally saved!

“Damn, really f*cking evil, how to attack towards me alone ……”

Zhou Tai spat fiercely, his heart was very indignant!

Many people couldn’t help but laugh secretly when they saw this, but more people began to have concerns!

If there were a few more such demonic beasts, they would be waiting to die if they were trapped here!

Originally, they wanted to come down to search for treasures, and now that they hadn’t found a single treasure, they were putting their lives on the line here!

At this time, Kai was still absorbing the energy from the giant egg, but Kai himself didn’t know it yet, his body had already been deflated, as if he was going to disappear at any time!

The shell of the giant egg began to become transparent, to the end Kai saw, the entire giant egg, as if a chaotic world, slowly, can be seen, the egg white and egg yolk inside the giant egg can also be distinguished clearly!

In the yolk area, there was a blurred figure, floating inside!

And around the figure, there are eight hidden energy chains, pulling the figure, the energy inside the egg, constantly transported towards the figure!

Soon, the figure became clearer and clearer, and in the end, Kai was surprised to find that the figure within the giant egg was actually himself!

Kai’s heart was very shocked, he instinctively wanted to look at the middle-aged man and ask what was going on!

But the moment he turned his head, he only felt a blackness in front of him, and when he opened his eyes, he realised that he was in the middle of the giant egg!

The body seemed to be confined, as if it was trapped in a cage!

Kai panicked and began to struggle.

“Don’t move, the fusion is about to be completed, if you move around, won’t you lose all your efforts!”

The middle-aged man’s voice appeared in Kai’s mind!

Once Kai heard it, he instantly stopped moving and stayed still, feeling the constant influx of energy around his body!

And Kai’s Unbreakable Golden Body launched itself, a golden scale covering Kai’s entire body!

And the egg liquid in the giant egg wrapped around Kai’s body, causing Kai’s body to undergo a qualitative change, and even that Unbreakable Golden Body became more and more radiant!

At this moment, Kai felt incomparably comfortable, like a baby, lying in his mother’s embrace.

Only the thought that he was in the middle of a giant egg, and that he would eventually have to break out of his shell, Kai felt that it was a little too outrageous!


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