A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3127

Many people began to flee, but in this place, there was no way to escape!

“Hmph, but it’s just a district evil spirit, it still needs to be scared like this ……”

Ye Fengqing snorted coldly, his face full of disdain!

Even if these evil spirits followed down as well, what could they do?

The strength of the evil spirits was too low to cause them any harm!

But soon, Ye Fengqing felt that something was wrong, because there seemed to be a glimmer of light in the black mist, and immediately after, he saw a strangely shaped beast with a piercing light emanating from above its head!

“This is not an evil spirit, this is not ……”

Seeing this, Zhou Tai shouted out!

When the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and the others saw this strange beast, their eyes were also wide open, looking surprised!

“What kind of monstrous beast is this? It looks too scary ……”

Ji Yun said with a panicked face.

One could only see that this monster had a light on its head, a long beak that was like an eagle’s beak, a pair of wings that constantly flickered, generating a gust of hurricane winds, and its identity was also covered with silver feathers!

“This is the ancient silver feathered eagle, how come here, there will be this ancient beast ah?”

After the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man saw clearly what the beast looked like, he shouted in surprise!

From the ancient records, he had seen the introduction of this kind of fierce beast, this kind of fierce beast was very ferocious, all of them lived on the top of the Spirit Mountain, and would not go to other places at all!

However, many cultivators captured this Silver Feathered Eagle and subsequently tamed it to become pets and mounts!

But that spirit mountain is in the heavenly realm, how could this silver feathered eagle appear in the celestial realm?

Generally appear silver feathered eagle, that around certainly will have this silver feathered eagle’s owner is right!

Just as the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder was pondering, that Silver Feathered Eagle had already launched an attack on Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai and the others!

“Fuck, with so many people, why did it attack us?”

Zhou Tai cursed angrily and began to desperately flee!

Ye Fengqing also looked a little nervous, but he didn’t flee, instead, he dodged away the moment the Silver Feathered Eagle flew over!

Discovering that Ye Fengqing had dodged his attack, the Silver Feathered Eagle merely glanced at him, then towards Zhou Tai and!

Zhou Tai began to desperately run away, the Silver Feathered Eagle let out a strange cry, and there were constantly cultivators screaming and collapsing, and were then devoured by the Silver Feathered Eagle with no crumbs left!

“Quick, stop it, stop it ……”

Seeing this, Zhou Tai hurriedly ordered the Zhou Family’s subordinates to stop the Silver Feathered Eagle.

But now in this situation, who cares who ah, those underlings of the Zhou family were also trembling in fear.

“Ye helmsman, save me, save me ……”

Zhou Tai could only follow Ye Fengqing and beg for help, but Ye Fengqing acted as if he didn’t hear him!

There was no way he would risk his life for a Zhou Tai!

This time, Zhou Tai was dumbfounded, he thought that if he was a lackey behind Ye Fengqing, Ye Fengqing would be able to help him!

Now it seemed that he had overthought himself!

Seeing that there was no escape for him, Zhou Tai could only stop and angrily looked at the Silver Feathered Eagle, his face filled with ice!

“Bastard, why are you chasing me alone, are you bullying me to be honest? I’ll fight you today ……”

Zhou Tai’s aura at the peak of the Harmonisation Realm began to erupt from his body.

Along with Zhou Tai’s aura erupting, a trace of blood was forced out of his body before it condensed into a blood bead in front of him!

Zhou Tai’s body began to rapidly dry up, as if the blood in his body had been completely drained out, and all around him was a mist of blood that continued to coalesce into a bead of blood!

“What is this Zhou Tai trying to do?”

When Ji Yun saw this, his eyes were filled with incredulity!

“He’s trying to save his life ……,” Demon Mountain Ghost Elder smiled faintly!

Then he saw that the countless blood beads coalesced into a humanoid form, surprisingly following Zhou Tai to look very similar!

And the aura on his body, was also exactly the same!

And Zhou Tai’s main body, like a dried up balloon, then collapsed to the ground with a bang!


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