A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3126

“The reason I carved runes on it was for the others to secretly take the giant egg away.”

“You now try to integrate yourself into this giant egg and see if you can absorb and fuse away the contents of the egg!”

The middle-aged man said to Kai!

“Let me follow this giant egg and fuse it?” Kai was astonished “If this is a monster inside me, then wouldn’t I become a monster as well?”

Kai didn’t want to become a monster, then wouldn’t all his women run away!

“What are you thinking about? No matter what’s inside, it’s just an embryo, after all, it hasn’t taken shape yet, letting you fuse is to get the energy of this giant egg, not to let you become a monster!”

“I’m just a wisp of residual soul, there’s no way to fuse it, and the ones that can still survive in this place are all divine soul spirits, there’s no way to fuse this giant egg, otherwise it wouldn’t be your turn!”

The middle-aged man said breathlessly!

When Kai heard this, he was a little embarrassed, “Senior, I’m sorry, I have too many women, if they turn into monsters, they will all run away.”

“I am going to fuse ……”

After Kai finished speaking, a few drops of essence blood instantly coalesced at his brow, then Kai dropped these drops of essence blood on top of that giant egg!

These drops of essence blood gathered Kai’s essence and spirit into one.

When that essence blood was close to the giant egg, a strong suction force instantly sucked Kai’s essence blood into it!

“Buzz …………”

Within Kai’s mind, there was an instant burst of stabbing pain, but Kai gritted his teeth, and against the severe pain, a strand of Kai’s divine soul coalesced above the essence blood with all its might, and slowly entered the giant egg!

Within the giant egg, there was a terrifying pressure, and Kai’s body began to tremble violently!

It was not that easy to fuse such a terrifying giant egg!

If Kai’s divine soul was not strong enough, he would probably be revolted!

But look at that middle-aged man who wasn’t worried at all.

“Hang in there, the hallowed Golden Dragon bloodline won’t be so fragile, so what if it’s a spirit that was nurtured by heaven and earth, how can it stand up to the Golden Dragon bloodline!”

The middle-aged man encouraged Kai!

“Roar …………”

Suddenly, a huge roar emanated from Kai’s mind, the roar almost shattered the stars and rivers, it was simply terrifying!

As for the Ochre Amazing in Kai’s sea of consciousness, he was sadly lying on the ground, suffering in pain!

Kai was similarly undergoing torment at this time, his eyes becoming blood red and looking somewhat terrifying!

The low roars continued, seemingly wanting to shatter Kai’s divine soul and destroy him outright!

It could be seen that this giant egg also seemed to understand that someone wanted to melt it, so it was resisting!

Kai’s heart was shaken to the core at this time, it was still just a giant egg and it had such power that it almost shook his own divine soul apart, what kind of terrifying monster would it be if it were to be birthed!

At that time, I was afraid that the entire Celestial Realm would go up in smoke!

Kai gritted his teeth and still allowed his divine soul to attach itself to the essence blood, followed by Kai’s divine soul in that giant egg, absorbing the energy within!

At this time, Kai’s divine soul followed Kai’s main body, and there seemed to be an energy chain that was transporting the energy within the giant egg outwards!

Just as Kai was struggling to fuse the giant egg, the giant wave caused by just touching the giant egg finally erupted!

Rumbling …………

Suddenly, the giant wave came tumbling in, toppling many of the cultivators who were absorbing the spiritual qi in the Spiritual Spring!

This was followed by a shocking spiritual qi surging wildly in all directions!

“What’s going on?” So everyone was shocked as they looked at the Spiritual Spring that had just been very calm!

Along with the huge waves rolling over, a thunderous sound suddenly resounded in the originally calm mid-air!

A black mist was rapidly diffusing, enveloping towards everyone!

At this moment, everyone panicked a little, thinking that it was those converging evil spirits that had now run down below to kill them!


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