A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3125

“Buzz ……”

That huge egg suddenly emitted a light, and the runes on it even began to flicker as an aura struck and fiercely bombarded Kai’s body!

Boom …………

The entire Spirit Spring set off a huge wave, Kai only felt his body lighten, unexpectedly wasted out, and there was even blood spilling out from the corner of his mouth!

The middle-aged man, on the other hand, his body flickered and almost went up in smoke!

Kai’s eyes were filled with shock, he did not expect that this one egg in front of him would be so powerful!

“What kind of animal’s egg is this? How could it be so powerful?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

“This is not the egg of any animal, but was conceived in this blood pool after thousands of years, what is inside, I don’t know!”

The middle-aged man explained!

When Kai heard this, he was speechless, the feeling that this middle-aged man didn’t know what it was either, and gave himself a gift?

How can I take this gift?

“Then how do I take this gift?”

Kai said breathlessly!

“Now you just need to break the runes on it, then you can get this giant egg, this is also considered a gift from me, if I don’t bring you here, how do you know that there will be a giant egg here?”

“And let me tell you, there are a lot of people who have their eyes on this giant egg, don’t think that it’s calm here, it’s just that a lot of people are hiding in their own space.”

“The vibration caused by you touching that giant egg just now will definitely wake up the others, so you have to think of a way to break the runes on the giant egg as soon as possible before you can do so.”

The middle-aged man said to Kai!

Kai looked at the giant egg in front of him and instantly sacrificed his Dragon Beheading Sword with the intention of forcibly breaking the rune!

Light shone brightly on the Dragon Beheading Sword, and then he stabbed the sword over!

“Boom ……”

This time, Kai was prepared, but the runes on the giant egg still burst into flashes, causing Kai to fly backwards once again! >
Blood gushed out of Kai’s mouth, and the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand came off!

“If you were able to break it open by force, how could this giant egg have existed for so long, you shouldn’t be counting on force to break it open, it’s better to think of other ways.”

The middle-aged man warned Kai!

Kai quietly looked at the giant egg in front of him, the runes on it were a bit incomprehensible to him, at this moment Kai was somewhat thinking about that Hu Ma Zi!

This guy was a rune master, in terms of runes, no matter whether it was reading or experience, he was much stronger than himself!

It was a pity that Hu Ma Zi was in the secular world and did not follow himself over!

After half a day of research, Kai hadn’t worked out how to break the runes on it!

“This isn’t right, if this is something nurtured by heaven and earth, how could it have runes engraved on it? This is obviously man-made?”

Kai suddenly thought of something!

If it was this blood pool that had gone through thousands of years and had birthed such a giant egg, it was possible, after all, the owners of this blood were not ordinary people!

But even if it had birthed a giant egg, there was no way that runes would have been engraved on it, this was obviously someone who had engraved it on later!

“Hahaha, just now I praised you for your bravery and resourcefulness, and only now you can see this, it’s really too stupid as well.”

Suddenly, the middle-aged man laughed out loud!

Seeing the middle-aged man in that manner, Kai knew that he had been tricked, the runes on this were definitely carved by the middle-aged man!

“Senior, just now I was almost killed by this recoil, you are too ruthless ……”

Kai was speechless for a while.

“T’ang Golden Dragon True Body, if you were shocked to death by this amount of power, that would be your life!”

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he gently waved, and the ripples on top of the giant egg slowly disappeared!

Seeing the ripples disappear, Kai breathed a sigh of relief, intending to go forward to explore what was within the giant egg!

“Don’t move, although there are no more runes, this giant egg was birthed by heaven and earth and cannot be easily touched.”


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