A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3124

When you grow you come, you’ll understand what’s really awesome ……”

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Kai was also a little embarrassed, after all, his current strength, in the eyes of an Immortal level figure, was no different from a mole cricket!

However, the thought of being able to open up the heavens and even create worlds after being strong, Kai’s heart surged a little!

If he could really be powerful to that extent, then he would create a world where he could bring all the women around him!

In that world, he would be the master and wouldn’t be in the middle of all these annoying things!

He would be able to follow his women in peace and enjoy himself!

Just as Kai was immersed in his reverie, the middle-aged man smiled and said “Don’t think nonsense, it’s imperative that you should cultivate well and play with women as little as possible, don’t think that it’s easy to become an Immortal and achieve the Dao.”

“Also don’t think that after becoming an immortal you can do whatever you want, do you know that the immortals who were able to open up the heavens and create the world, which one of them didn’t go through hundreds of thousands of years of trials and tribulations!”

“You’d better think about what’s in front of you, I’ve noticed that within these comers, it seems like someone is hostile to you and wants to kill you!”

The middle-aged man was talking about Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai!

“Elder don’t worry, with my current strength, I’m not afraid of them, because I can break through the realm at any time, and the lightning tribulation that will be invoked at that time will be enough for them to suffer.”

Kai was already very confident after absorbing all this dragon qi and was not afraid of that Ye Fengqing!

If Ye Fengqing dared to find trouble again, he wouldn’t mind killing him!

Not to mention that there was also the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, Kai believed that if Ye Fengqing wanted to kill himself, it was impossible for the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man to sit back and do nothing!

“Let’s go, my residual soul may not last much longer, but to be able to see you before I perish, it’s not a waste of the thousands of years I’ve spent in suffering!”

The middle-aged man finished speaking and took a step into the spirit spring!

“Elder, how can there still be this kind of spirit spring in the middle of this pitch-black sea of ink, and it’s still being pressed underneath the island, it’s really strange ……”

Kai also followed and walked in, but looking at the light red spirit spring water, Kai was puzzled and asked!

“Spirit Spring?” The middle-aged man froze, then looked at the light red water, and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly “Where is this a spirit spring, this is the time of the great war, the blood flows out and converges.”

“The reason why it has turned light red now is because of the time that has passed, these are all blood, not any spirit spring!”

“Blood convergence?”

Kai’s eyes widened and he was directly confused!

Looking at those light red seawater in front of him, it turned out that these were all blood.

At this moment, Kai imagined the tragic scene at that time, with swords and swords, techniques flying across the sky, and all sorts of spells colliding with each other!

People were constantly falling, blood spattering out from their bodies!

Slowly, the blood came together and became this current looking spirit spring!

“Could this be the real blood flowing into the river?”

Kai inwardly sighed with emotion!

After knowing again that all of this was blood gathered, Kai became a little heavy as he walked through the water!

The middle-aged man slowly dived into the water, and seeing this, Kai hesitated for a moment and followed suit!

In the water, Kai followed closely behind the middle-aged man!

Not knowing how long he had dived, a milky-white piece appeared in front of Kai’s eyes!

Kai fixed his eyes on it and realised that it was actually a huge egg!

This egg was immense and there were these endless lines on it, emitting a terrifying divine might!

“Senior, the gift you are giving me, it can’t be this egg, right?”

Kai looked at the middle-aged man doubtfully!

“Not bad, this is the gift I am giving you, do you know what kind of egg this is?”

The middle-aged man asked!

Kai shook his head, then approached the huge egg, wanting to reach out and touch it, and then use his divine sense to feel what was inside!

Seeing this, the middle-aged man’s face suddenly changed and he hurriedly pulled Kai towards the back.


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