A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3123

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder said slowly!

Hearing the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder say so, Ji Yun was then relieved, since Kai was fine!

After all, Kai had come here for his own sake, if something really happened to Kai, Ji Yun would feel guilty!

Right now there were no treasures here, only corpses all over the ground, and there was a taboo, there was no way to fly, and if they couldn’t find a way out, then they would be stuck here!

Fortunately, there were also no evil spirits here, and there was a spiritual spring to absorb the aura, so there was no commotion, otherwise if so many people were trapped here, it would have been chaotic!

Three days later …………

Kai quietly devoured the last trace of dragon qi, although Kai had been absorbing spiritual qi and his strength was constantly rising, his realm was still the fifth grade of the Harmony Realm!

Kai, however, was not in a hurry, this was a deliberate suppression on Kai’s part, at this time, he had already reached the peak of the fifth grade of the Harmonious Body Realm, as long as he needed it, he could raise it to the sixth grade of the Harmonious Body Realm at any time, or even the seventh grade!

Because of the Dragon Crystal, those dragon qi were stored within the Dragon Crystal, so that Kai’s realm did not seem to have risen, but his strength had increased quite a bit!

“You are deliberately suppressing your realm?”

The middle-aged man looked towards Kai and slowly asked!

“I just don’t want to be too exposed, I obviously came in at the fifth grade of the Harmonisation realm, if I suddenly elevated to the sixth grade of the Harmonisation realm or even the seventh grade at this point, I’m sure that some people will be curious as to what exactly I’ve obtained here!”

“If that’s the case, then wouldn’t I become the target of everyone’s attacks ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Not bad, courageous and resourceful, such a huge amount of aura, you only used three days to absorb it, you can indeed be called the leader of my dragon clan.”

“Since you have finished absorbing the Dragon Qi, then I can take you to see your gift!”

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards that spiritual spring! >
Kai got up, but saw that there were quite a few cultivators around, the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder as well as Ji Yun were all there!

Kai had been cultivating, so he did not realise the arrival of these people, and now that he saw so many people around him all of a sudden, he looked a little surprised!

Could it be that when he had been cultivating, these people had been by his side?

Kai’s heart was full of doubts, why was it that when they were close at hand, it was as if these people could not see them!

Seemingly seeing Kai’s doubts, the middle-aged man laughed, “These people are your friends, right? I’ve been looking for you for a few days, only there’s no way they would have seen you.”

“Could it be that senior has laid an illusion formation here, so they can’t see me?” Kai asked curiously!

“Illusion Formation?” When the middle-aged man heard this, he laughed out loud “Illusion formations that kind of paediatrics, how would I use them, and they are all just tricks to deceive people, even more powerful illusion formations are nothing more than captivating the mind, to put it mildly, they are just blindfolds!”

“This is a spatial technique of mine, although you and these people are within the same space at the same time, they are not in the same dimension, so they can feel your aura but not see your person.”

“This isn’t an eye blocking technique, much less a charming mind, but it’s truly true that they can’t see you.”

The middle-aged man’s explanation instantly reminded Kai of the secret realm in the secular world, wasn’t that secret realm opened up by immortals using arts?

“Senior, this spatial art of yours is so powerful ……”

Kai patted his horse’s arse, how could he say that this dragon senior in front of him must be an Immortal Dragon level character!

Seeing Kai touting himself, the middle-aged man then let out a bitter smile “Don’t tout me, I’m the lowest level spatial art, a truly advanced art can open up the heavens and even create a brand new world.”

“I’m just changing the dimension of this tiny area so that people can’t see us, what’s so impressive about that.”


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