A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3122

This …… this …………”

Zhou Tai’s face changed, and he was a little unsure of what to say!

Stepping on so many skeletons under his feet, anyone’s heart trembles ah!

Ye Fengqing, on the other hand, frowned slightly, his eyes looking around!

“This is an ancient battlefield, it’s normal for there to be skeletons, but is this place at the bottom of the sea or inside the island?”

Ye Fengqing was a little confused as to what exactly this place was!

And on this ground, apart from piles of skeletons, there weren’t any treasures!

Even those damaged weapons and treasures had turned into evil spirits, all piled up at the entrance of the cave!

Ye Fengqing carefully walked forwards, he intended to explore what exactly this place was.

And that Zhou Tai followed behind Ye Fengqing!

After all, among these cultivators, Ye Fengqing’s strength was considered to be the highest besides that Demon Mountain Ghost Elder!

To survive in a place like this, Zhou Tai knew that he had to hug his thighs well!

The other cultivators, some of them dipped into the water and absorbed the aura, while some also went up to the shore and looked around!

Confusion was written all over these people’s faces, because here, there were no dangers or treasures that they had imagined!

“Yun’er, you’re too reckless, how could you just jump in?”

Ji Lianzhuang found Ji Yun and roared at him with a face full of anger.

“Dad, I was worried about Mr Chen, besides, with Ghost Elder here, I’ll be fine, it was Ghost Elder who helped me just now.”

Ji Yun pointed at the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man and said!

Ji Lianzhang glanced at the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, then gratefully said “Many thanks to the Ghost Elder senior for saving me, I, Fei Tian Sect, am grateful.”

“Alright, we will now split up to find Mr Chen, as long as we find any traces of Mr Chen, all of us must immediately transmit our voices.”

After the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder finished speaking, he pulled out several sound transmission jade slips and gave them to Ji Yun and Ji Lianzhang!r>
Although this Voice Transmission Jade Slip was simple, it was not expensive, I didn’t expect that the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder would have a few of them in one shot, he seemed to be very rich!

Only, after they searched for half a day, they did not see Kai’s figure, it was as if Kai had disappeared.

Even that Ye Fengqing was unable to find Kai!

In fact, Kai was right here, not far from them, the reason why no one could see it was because outside of this mass of dragon qi, an illusionary formation had long been laid, and apart from Kai being attracted by the dragon qi and discovering this area where the giant dragon had fallen, other people could not see it at all!

At this moment, Kai was doing his best to absorb the rich dragon qi.

The Dragon Crystal within Kai’s body was even emitting a bright light, as dazzling as the sun!

With this dragon qi, Kai’s strength began to soar, and the dantian within his body continued to expand!

Kai knew that this mass of dragon qi could definitely allow him to raise his realm!

After all, this mass of dragon qi was the result of thousands of giant dragons falling and emanating from their corpses little by little!

Kai greedily absorbed the dragon qi, and was not even aware of Ji Yun and his group’s search.

He didn’t even know that Ji Yun and the others had jumped in after him!

“What the hell kind of f*cking place is this? I can’t see anything after turning round for half a day, apart from a field of skeletons, what else is there?”

Ji Yun was a bit enraged!

After searching for half a day, he didn’t even see Kai’s shadow, and this place was also immense, it was undoubtedly a needle in a haystack if he wanted to find someone!

“I have a feeling that Chen should be nearby, and still around us, he has the bloodline of the Demon Race in him, and he also knows the Holy Light Fist, so I can sense a hint of Chen’s aura!”

“Only the scent is too weak, I have no way to determine the location, but one thing is certain, that is, Mr Chen is still alive.”

“If he were dead, I wouldn’t be sensing his aura.”


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