A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3121

For example, that Pendragon lineage is the generation of arrogance and extravagance, and that Pendragon lineage’s branch, the LIXIL dragon species, is even more greedy by nature, every day inside the head is to think of lewdness all over the place, it is simply shameless, and it has disgraced our dragon race.”

“If I come across the LIXIL dragon species, I will kill one when I see one, and I will never be soft, and I will always kill this lineage of theirs to the end!”

The middle-aged man’s face was filled with rage, and it was evident that he detested this LIX Dragon Seed!

Kai was also listening to his scalp, he did not expect that it could be so complicated amongst the dragon race!

It seems that no group of people can escape the wash of the long river of history and eventually become fractured!

Human beings are not like that, once close brothers, in the course of time, the offspring become more and more distant, and in the end become strangers, or even enemies!

“Elder, this place has been sealed by someone, could it be sealing you?”

Kai remembered that altar seal and asked!

The middle-aged man shook his head and said “How is that possible, I am now but a wisp of a remnant soul, how long I can survive is unknown, so why would I need to be sealed.”

“On top of this battlefield, the fall of all kinds of Immortals, Demons and Divine Beasts are afraid of millions, I can retain a wisp of residual soul, who dares to be sure that on top of this battlefield, no one can retain the divine soul? Who dares to be certain that there is not a single breath of life left?”

The middle-aged man’s words instantly made Kai understand that this sealing formation was not sealing someone, but rather sealing the entire ancient battlefield!

After all, those who were able to appear in the ancient battlefield were by no means generalised, if someone really survived, or if their divine soul was still alive and left this place, then the entire Celestial Realm would be a disaster!

To know that these are all characters that when they move their hands, the Celestial Realm would have to be shaken three times, just any one of them!

“Senior, you …………”

“Alright, don’t ask anymore, you now absorb the dragon qi here as soon as possible, then I’ll give you a gift!”

The middle-aged man’s figure began to go into a bit of a trance, as if he knew that he wouldn’t be able to exist for much longer, so he said to Kai!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly nodded, whereupon the Dragon Crystal in his body opened wide, crazily absorbing the surrounding Dragon Qi!

Looking at Kai’s crazy absorption, the middle-aged man was a little surprised, “Worthy of being a golden dragon lineage, too strong ……”

And just as Kai was crazily absorbing the dragon qi, others were also falling down from that hole!

Only for those who fell down, some of them had already become corpses and were killed by the evil spirits in the process of falling down!

There were also those who fell on the shore and directly fell into a puddle of flesh!

The lucky ones all fell into the water!

“Elder Ghost, thank you so much, if you hadn’t pushed me, perhaps I would have fallen into a pile of mush as well.”

Ji Yun gasped for air and said with a face full of horror!

During his descent, he didn’t react at all, it was the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder who reacted and pushed Ji Yun, which allowed him to fall into the water!

“Don’t say that much, let’s just find Mr Chen.”

“I always feel that this place is too weird.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder was worrying about Kai’s safety at this moment!

Pfft, pfft …………

Zhou Tai, Ye Fengqing and the others all fell into the water as well!

Looking at the light red seawater beneath them, many of them were a little confused!

They didn’t understand that the seawater of the Ink Sea was clearly black, but how come the one here was light red!

And soaking in the water, there was a constant influx of aura towards the body!

Soon, some of the cultivators side excited, thinking that they had found a spiritual spring, so they desperately began to absorb it!

Zhou Tai and Ye Fengqing on the other hand swam to the shore, they were not interested in this spiritual spring, what they were interested in were the treasures!

But when they looked at the piles of skeletons under their feet, they were also both numb!

No one has ever seen this kind of scene, how many people have to die before so many skeletons appear ah!


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