A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3120

It is also because the Golden Dragon Clan is so demanding that the Golden Dragon Clan’s bloodline has remained the purest, and the Golden Dragon Clan is now known as the Emperor of Ten Thousand Dragons.”

“The Golden Dragon’s bloodline is the most honourable and sacred, so it also won’t follow other groups to marry, even if it’s the same as the other branches of the Dragon Clan, the Golden Dragon lineage simply doesn’t look up to it, and even more so, it won’t taint its own bloodline!”

The middle-aged man carefully recounted the past of the Dragon Race to Kai!

But Kai was a bit confused, if his father was a member of the Golden Dragon Clan, but his mother was a human being?

If you are not a member of the Golden Dragon Clan, can’t you marry with other clans?

His own mother was a human, in that case, the dragon bloodline in his body could not be pure!

Thinking of this, Kai asked doubtfully “Senior, you said that I am of the Golden Dragon bloodline, the purest bloodline, but my mother is a human, not of the Golden Dragon clan?”

“What? This is impossible ……”

The middle-aged man was filled with disbelief, then with a wave of his hand, a soft light enveloped Kai’s entire body!

The middle-aged man was probing Kai’s body.

But as the middle-aged man probed deeper, the expression on his face began to change along with it!

From the beginning of doubt, to surprise, to horror, and then finally to excitement!

“Hahaha …… hahaha ………… I know, I know… …”

“Heaven’s will, this is heaven’s will, heaven won’t kill my dragon tribe, heaven won’t kill my dragon tribe ah …………”

The middle-aged man suddenly sized up like a madman, then plopped down in front of Kai!

This time, the Kai was shocked, he thought that this middle-aged man was crazy!

“Senior, what are you doing? You and I are of the same clan, you are older than me, it is only right that I should kneel and worship you.”

Kai stepped forward and hurriedly helped the middle-aged man up!

“You can’t kneel and worship me, I can’t afford it, I now know who your father is.”

The middle-aged man said excitedly!

“Who is my father?” Kai had an expectant look on his face!

“I can’t tell you, because it’s something you need to endeavour to explore on your own, didn’t I say that the Golden Dragon lineage is one that needs to grow through constant bloodshed and trials, and you being in the Golden Dragon lineage, you’re no good to be an exception to that.”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said!

Kai looked a little lost when he saw that this middle-aged man did not tell him, but he was prepared for it, after all, many people knew who their father was, but just did not tell them!

“Senior, can you tell me what’s going on in this God-Devil War? So many people have died, and so many giant dragons of our Dragon Clan have fallen, in the end, what kind of people killed them?”

“When I am strong enough, I will definitely take revenge …………”

Kai asked to the middle-aged man!

When the middle-aged man heard this, he couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh “How could I possibly know the truth about the Divine and Demonic War, I’m just a member of the 10,000 fallen dragons, even amongst the dragons, I’m insignificant, not to mention that this Divine and Demonic War, with countless communities taking part in it, what do I count as, and how could I possibly know about what happened in it.”

“But in this battlefield, the fall of us dragons, followed by anyone has nothing to do with, but rather caused by killing each other just ……”

“Killing each other?” Kai instantly froze, “How could we kill each other, how could that happen?”

He had thought of countless possibilities, perhaps all of these giant dragons were killed by the demon race, but never thought that it was caused by killing each other!

“Didn’t I tell you, the Dragon Clan has thousands of great clans and tens of thousands of branches, I don’t know how many great clans want to replace the Golden Dragon Clan.”

“Strife is definitely unavoidable, and there are good and bad dragons, you don’t know that yet, when you really grow up, you’ll know.”


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