A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3118

Kai revealed his head from the water, and then tilted his head to look up, and found that the top of his head was black, there was not a single ray of light at all, and he could not even see the hole!

However, above the water, there was a faint bright light, Kai, with the help of the bright light, found that the water he was in, was not ink-black, but a kind of light red colour, and the water surface was still glowing with a bright light!

“Could it be that this is not in the middle of the Ink Sea?”

Kai was a little puzzled, after all, this island was on top of the Ink Sea, if he fell down from that hole, he might have penetrated through the island and fell directly into the Ink Sea!

But now look at this who’s colour, it doesn’t look like it’s in the middle of the Ink Sea, after all, the colour of the sea water of the Ink Sea, but it’s inky black, and there’s also a kind of unpleasant smell!

But this water is light red, looks very clear, and Kai’s body is soaking in this water, while the pores on his body are naturally open, absorbing the spiritual qi to his heart’s content, his body is warm!

The water here seemed to carry a power that washed the soul, causing one’s spirit to be shaken!

“This water actually contains such a rich spiritual qi, it’s really strange, what kind of place is this?”

Kai’s eyes were filled with astonishment, where was this still water, it was simply spiritual liquid!

However, even if it was comfortable to soak here, Kai still swam towards the shore, after going ashore, Kai saw that the ground was full of fist-sized pebbles!

It looked like a shallow beach, but he had obviously jumped into the cave from the small island, how could he have landed on a shallow beach?

Could it be that this was the interior of the island and the entire island was hollow?

Kai looked around and there were no more evil spirits, those evil spirits seemed to have never appeared and attacked Kai after he had descended to a certain height!

At that time, Kai only considered that he must not fall to his death and did not care!

Kai tried to emanate his divine sense, but there was still no way to probe, the entire place was as if a taboo had been placed on it!

Kai could only step forward on the cobblestones step by step, hoping to find something!

But as he walked, Kai always felt that there was something wrong under his feet, so he bent down and picked up a stone to take a look.

At this glance, he was stunned.

Where was this stone, it was clearly a skeleton, which had turned into a stone because of the time that had passed!

Looking at the skeletons that had been turned into stone all over the ground, Kai could not help but feel his scalp numb!

So many skeletons, how many people have died?

Thinking that this place was once an ancient battlefield, it seemed that none of these dead people were ordinary people!

Accompanied by Kai as he continued to move forward, many of the skeletons could already be discerned in shape, proving that no one had disturbed this place even after so many years!

Skeletons crisscrossed the landscape, no matter if they were Immortals or Devil Cultivators, all of them had turned into a set of withered bones at this moment!

There were also quite a few beast skeletons, these beast skeletons should be mounts, no matter if it was an immortal or a devil cultivator, they all had their own mounts at that time!

Kai couldn’t help but sigh, he also didn’t understand, that year that the gods and devils war in the end how to cause, the result caused such a great catastrophe!

The Devil Race had almost disappeared into obscurity, while the other races had also suffered heavy damage!

Why was this necessary?

Just as Kai was ruminating, he suddenly felt his body tighten, as if there was an aura that strongly called to him!

This feeling made Kai’s heart thump, just like the feeling of meeting a girl he liked!

Kai frowned slightly as he began to move on a little bit towards his feeling!

Kai didn’t know how big this place was, his divine sense had no way of spreading out, he couldn’t detect it either, and the light around him was also very dark, so it was very difficult for Kai to see into the distance!

But just as Kai continued to walk for some distance, he was instantly stunned by the sight in front of him!


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