A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3117

Ghost old man, could it be that Chen fell into that hole?”

Ji Yun asked with some nervousness!

“It shouldn’t be that he fell in, but that he jumped in himself, he must have sensed that there must be something else good within this hole.”

After the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man finished speaking, he leapt and directly jumped in as well!

Regardless of whether Kai was a disciple of the Wind Demon or not, it was impossible for the Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man to watch Kai commit a danger alone!

Seeing that the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had jumped down, Ji Yun also began to worry about Kai and leapt down with him!

“Son …………”

Seeing this, Ji Lianzhuang didn’t bother in picking up those broken weapons and followed after them!

Zhou Tai, as well as Ye Fengqing and the others, watched as the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, Ji Yun and the others jumped into them one after another, all of them froze at first!

“Ye helmsman, do these guys want to die?”

Zhou Tai asked in disbelief!

To know what is inside this bottomless pit, no one knows, anyway, those evil spirits came out from inside and went back all over again, if they jumped in, they would surely suffer from the attack of those evil spirits!

“It’s not that they don’t want to die, but there must be treasures inside this cave that are worth letting them risk!”

Ye Fengqing finished speaking, and surprisingly, he also leapt down!

When the many surrounding cultivators saw this, each one of them had greed in their eyes, and finally followed one by one all jumping downwards!

They had come to the Sea of Mo to search for treasures, hoping to come across opportunities.

Now that the opportunity had come, how could they give it up for the sake of danger!

Along with the many cultivators who continued to jump downwards, Zhou Tai couldn’t help himself and then jumped down as well!

The cultivators who remained on the ground were few and far between, and these people were not yet able to overcome their fear and jump into this bottomless pit!

At this moment, Kai who jumped into the hole, only felt the whistling sound of wind in his ears, there were evil spirits attacking towards him, but there was no way to hurt Kai at all! >Kai
Kai himself did not know how long he had been descending down, anyway, it was always dark in front of him, apart from the evil spirits that were constantly passing by, he could not see anything, and he did not know just how big this hole was!

Kai violently raised his breath, wanting to levitate in mid-air and scout the situation before descending downwards, there was no telling what dangers there would be if he went on like this!

But when Kai wanted to stop his body, he realised that he was unable to control the space around him, his body was simply not listening to the call, and he could not help but fall downwards!

Kai was shocked in his heart and hurriedly urged his spiritual energy to condense on top of his feet, wanting to levitate, but it was simply useless!

“Forbidden Space Domain?”

Cold sweat broke out on Kai’s forehead!

He knew that he could not fly above this Ink Sea, there was an inexplicable force holding him back, but there was no such force holding him back on that island!

However, he did not expect that after jumping into this hole, he would not be able to fly again!

There was also that inexplicable force tugging in the hole, restricting Kai and preventing him from flying!

Kai’s eyes gazed down tightly as his body fell rapidly, his heart panicking a little!

If he had known that there was a prohibition in here, Kai would not have said anything to jump in so recklessly.

Kai desperately exuded his divine sense, wanting to probe the surroundings, and found that even his divine sense was imprisoned.

The current Kai was like a bird without wings, letting his body fall freely!

All Kai could do at this moment was to desperately raise the shield around his body, as well as that Unbreakable Golden Body to the extreme!

Saving himself from falling and being killed by the fall would be humiliating!

In this way, Kai fell for another incense stick of time, but still hadn’t reached the bottom yet, which made Kai’s face full of consternation, he didn’t understand just how deep this hole was!

Plop …………

Suddenly, Kai’s feet went soft, followed by the whole person falling into the water, huge waves were stirred up!!!!


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