A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3116

Kai quietly watched the guy struggle desperately without the slightest change of expression on his face!

In the end, that Zhou family subordinate was burnt to ashes by the flames, and even his soul went up in smoke!

At this point in time, Kai, killing people no longer had any burden in his heart for him!

In the Celestial Realm, there was almost no right or wrong, no good or evil!

There is only the death of those who stand in my way ……

Kai glanced at the crowd that was still trembling after the many evil spirits, then slowly walked towards the dark bottomless pit!

Kai stood at the entrance of the cave and looked, noticing that the black mist inside was tumbling and a strong cloud of Yin Fiendish Qi was flowing around, forming a whirlwind that kept spewing outwards!

Moreover, the air around was also freezing cold, and this cave was even more like an ice cave!

The evil spirits were still surging out, and the resulting whirlwind caused the surrounding void to stir!

Kai took a deep breath, he himself did not know what he would encounter after jumping down.

But he knew that often, opportunity was always accompanied by danger!

If he did not jump, he might be safe, but there was no way for him to learn what was truly sealed!

There was also no way to encounter a more powerful evil spirit so that Zhong Li could recover!

After a moment of hesitation, Kai gritted his teeth and jumped directly towards that bottomless pit!

Kai’s body was surrounded by aura as he soared downwards!

While a large number of Evil Spirits continued to pour out upwards, the Evil Spirits and Kai collided, causing the cave to become a mess!

These Evil Spirits did not expect that someone would jump straight in, wasn’t this looking for death?

However, Kai had aura protection around his body, and had also activated the Unbreakable Golden Body, these evil spirits could not cause him any harm at all!

Strange noises began to emanate from the cave, and when those evil spirits outside heard the noises, one by one, they stopped fighting and instantly drilled back towards the cave!

The sudden disappearance of the evil spirits caused the crowd to look at each other in disbelief, not knowing what had happened!

No one had seen Kai jump into the hole!

Ji Lianzhuang led the people and started to keep picking weapons and various items that still had value, which could all be exchanged for money!

“Mr Chen, Mr Chen …………”

Ji Yun shouted loudly, he hadn’t paid attention just now, but now Kai had disappeared!

That Zhou Tai was also looking for Kai at this time, just now he sent someone to try to take advantage of the chaos to kill Kai!

But now, his men were gone, and so was Kai!

“Young Master, could it be that the two have died together?”

A Zhou Family subordinate said!

“It’s possible, that brat might have jumped over the wall in a hurry and directly exploded himself.”

Zhou Tai nodded!

After all, there was no sign of Kai at all now, and there was no word from his own people, so there was a high possibility that they would die together!

And just then, another group of people arrived, it was Ye Fengqing and the others, among them, that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man was also there!

Looking at the broken weapons scattered all over the place, Ye Fengqing frowned and said “Was there a fight here just now? What happened?”

“Master Ye, just now there were evil spirits here, these worn out weapons on the ground are those evil spirits’ original weapons that were eliminated!”

Zhou Tai hurriedly ran over and said fawningly!

Although the Zhou family had strength, but when compared to the Demon Sealing Alliance, it was far worse!

“Evil spirits?” Ye Fengqing froze “Could it be that all the evil spirits have been eliminated by you guys?”

“That’s not true, they all ran into the cave!” Zhou Tai pointed at the bottomless hole, and then told what had just happened, in its entirety!

“Something that can be sealed here must be something good, I just don’t know what exactly is sealed inside.”

Ye Fengqing probed and looked at the bottomless pit, feeling the eerie aura emanating from inside, Ye Fengqing was curious, but did not dare to go in rashly!

“Where is Mr Chen?” Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man came in front of Ji Yun and asked!

“Just now it was still there, but when we followed the Evil Spirit to make a move, it disappeared.”

Ji Yun said!

“Disappeared?” The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s brows furrowed, followed by a very special aura emanating from within his body!

Along with the spread of the aura, the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder’s eyes looked towards the bottomless pit!


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