A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3115

Only to see the dagger in the man’s hand thrown forwards, accompanied by spiritual energy vibrations, the one dagger that had been thrown out had turned into countless daggers at that moment!

The countless daggers cut through the void and headed straight towards Kai!

Kai was holding the Dragon Cutting Sword, while he had a calm expression on his face!

Dealing with a Harmonisation Realm 7th Grade cultivator was crushing for him, even if he didn’t move a muscle right now, the other party wouldn’t be able to break through his defences at all!

As expected, when those countless daggers arrived in front of Kai, they were immediately stopped by the blazing flames and directly turned into nothingness!

It was important to know that this was no ordinary flame of Kai, but the Origin of Fire that was perceived by the Devil Race’s Supreme Fire!

Just this kind of ordinary weapon couldn’t penetrate the burning of the flames and was instantly evaporated!

When that Zhou family subordinate saw this, his pupils just shrank, looking very surprised!

“What other weapons, feel free to use them, if you can penetrate this wall of fire of mine, count yourself as an ox!”

Kai said with disdain!

The corner of that Zhou family’s subordinate’s mouth twitched as he coldly snorted “Don’t be complacent, I will let you know how powerful I am.”

After saying that, the Zhou family underling lowered his head, then with a pick of his foot, he picked up a rusty, all chipped long knife from the ground!

Obviously, the evil spirit within this long knife had been destroyed, so the long knife was revealed!

Kai looked at this guy, it was simply ridiculous to want to use this ancient weapon that had no spirit and was still broken!

This ancient long knife, I’m afraid that it will shatter at the slightest touch!

Only to see this Zhou family underling mouthing words, followed by biting his finger and using blood to draw on top of that long knife, obviously drawing runes!

Seeing this, Kai did not expect that this fellow was also a talisman master, knowing all sorts of spells!

Accompanied by the blood falling low from within that long knife, the originally rusty and lifeless long knife actually seemed to come to life at this moment, the body of the knife trembled and bloomed with light!

Immediately after that, the Zhou Family subordinate threw the long knife towards the air, and the long knife instantly transformed into a beast, revealing its bloody mouth, descending from the sky towards Kai!

Seeing this, the corner of Kai’s mouth curled up in an arc, if he wanted to follow him and play with his own arts, Kai would accompany him to the end!

Kai waved his palms, the flames around his body instantly transformed into a fire dragon, roaring as it rushed towards the beast!

Seeing this, the Zhou Family subordinate’s eyes once again became suspicious!

He did not expect that Kai would also know arts, and it seemed that his strength was not lower than his!

The fire dragon roared, instantly spewing out tongues of fire from its mouth!

And the beast that the long knife had transformed into was engulfed by this tongue of fire in just one look, and finally went up in smoke without even leaving a trace!

This time, the Zhou family subordinate was a bit panicked, his hands hurriedly went to pinch the spell, his body was wrapped in black mist, and rapidly rotated.

It looked like he was going to cast a phantom art to escape!

But just as that Zhou Family’s subordinate was rapidly rotating, thinking that he had escaped Kai, from above his head, a voice slowly came!

“A childish trick like yours should not be displayed in front of me ……”

Kai had a disdainful look on his face!

That Zhou family subordinate looked up and saw Kai looking at him, and was unable to help but be shocked “You …… you ……”

Not waiting for the Zhou family subordinate to finish, Kai swung his palm down, and a fiery flame instantly wrapped the Zhou family subordinate!

“Ah …………”

The Zhou family subordinate screamed miserably!

This Zhou family subordinate continuously pinched his spell, and a pillar of water descended from the sky and fell onto himself, trying to extinguish the fire on his body!

But that flame was not affected in the slightest!

Looking at the Zhou family’s subordinate’s arts, Kai could sort of understand the reason why Zhou Tai had brought this guy around despite his low strength.

With just this body of arts, he was considered to be one of the best in the Celestial Realm!

It was only a pity that he had even tried to kill Kai, then he was doomed to a short life!


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