A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3114

Just as Kai sighed, several more Evil Spirits rushed over!

Kai, on the other hand, was holding the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand and chopped them down one after another, while the innate weapons of these Evil Spirits were all broken things, which Kai did not have much interest in!

After killing several evil spirits in a row, Kai felt that the strength of these evil spirits was a bit low, so their energy was also low, which if Zhong Li were to recover, he did not know how many evil spirits he would need to absorb!

Kai looked towards the dark hole, since these evil spirits came out of the hole, there should be something else inside the hole, such a huge sealing original stone, it was impossible to seal only these low strength evil spirits!

Thinking of this, Kai thought of jumping into the hole to explore it, but at this time suddenly a breath came straight towards Kai!


Kai only felt a spiritual energy behind him swept by, as fast as lightning!

Fortunately, Kai reacted quickly and dodged the blow with a flash of his body!

When Kai turned his head to look, he found that all around him were clusters of evil spirits, and the crowd was following the evil spirits to tangle with them, as if no one was moving him to make a move!

Kai swept a glance, although he did not see anyone making a move on him, however, Kai knew that someone must have tried to sneak attack him, only to fail, so he pretended to get up!

Seeing this, Kai then turned around again and headed towards that cave!

Whoosh …………

Kai had just turned around, followed by another spiritual force shooting out, Kai quickly turned back, his fingers probing out a spiritual force, directly following the spiritual force swung out by the other party to collide together!

This time, Kai saw clearly the guy who made the move!

This was one of Zhou Tai’s subordinates, when he was on the boat, Kai had seen him before, with the strength of the seventh grade of the Harmonisation Realm!

A Zhou family underling was following the same realm as Ji Yun, so it was evident that this Zhou family was a lot stronger than the Takeoff Sky Sect!

Seeing that he had been discovered, that Zhou family underling no longer hid, but walked boldly to Kai!

“Zhou Tai asked you to sneak attack me?” Kai asked at that Zhou family’s subordinate!

“Not bad, you have deceived our young master, so you must die ……”

The Zhou Family’s subordinate said with a sardonic smile on his face!

Although Kai had dodged his two strikes, he was not afraid and had a few scowls on his face!

“Want to kill me? But on your own, there is no way you can kill me.”

Kai said with a disdainful smile!

“Hmph, you are also too confident, you are only a mere fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, but I am a seventh grade of the Harmonisation Realm, are you saying that I cannot kill you?”

“Are you trying to say that that Ye Fengqing didn’t even manage to kill you?”

“Don’t think we don’t know, that Ye Fengqing was simply being merciful and didn’t want to kill you, he didn’t use his full strength.”

“If he used his full strength, you, a tiny Harmonisation Realm cultivator, would have been slapped to death by him.”

“But I won’t be as careless as him, I will never give you a chance to live ……”

After the Zhou Family’s subordinate finished speaking, he steeply drew out a dagger and lunged towards Kai!

Seeing that the other party was so confident, Kai couldn’t help but smile and said “Ignorance is what disrespects life ……”

After saying that, Kai gently rested his palm, and a flame instantly burned in the centre of his palm, the flame was so small that it was almost invisible!

But just as Kai swung out the flame in his palm, the unseen flame burst into flames!


The flames soared and turned into a sea of fire, wrapping Kai in his entire being!

At this moment, Kai was like a fireman, and even those evil spirits, when they saw him, all hid far away and did not approach this way at all!

When the Zhou Family underlings who pounced on Kai saw this, they could not help but frown!

“So it turns out that you cultivate a fire technique, but do you think that this will stop me from killing you? It’s simply ridiculous ……”

The Zhou Family’s subordinate had not yet noticed, in the slightest, the power of Kai’s flames, and thought that it was a general fire technique!


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