A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3113

“Make your move and try to pick up as many items on the ground as possible!”

Ji Lianzhuang finished speaking to the several Fei Tian Sect disciples and took the lead in charging up!

“Kill ……”

Several Fei Tian Sect disciples also rushed and pulled up, their bodies blossoming with spiritual energy as they followed those evil spirits and tangled together!

Seeing that someone had rushed out to help, Zhou Tai actually had a few moments of gratitude in his heart!

He didn’t know that Ji Lianzhuang rushing over wasn’t to help, he was here to earn money!

“Mr Chen ……”

Ji Yun did not move, even when his own father rushed up!

Because these evil spirits were not strong, they would not pose a danger to Ji Lianzhuang!

Moreover, Ji Yun had followed Kai for a while, and had a lighter view of money and profit, unlike his father!

Kai stared blankly at those evil spirits, and an idea suddenly came to his inner mind!

Now that the sword spirit Zhong Li had been injured and had not recovered, Kai thought of finding time to go to the Refinery Sect and let the sword old man help restore Zhong Li!

But now it seemed that Kai only needed to use the Dragon Slashing Sword to kill and absorb these evil spirits, that would allow Zhong Li’s body to slowly recover!

Although these artefact spirits were affected and their hearts were killing uncontrolled to become evil spirits, they were still artefact spirits, so as long as Zhong Li was allowed to absorb enough artefact spirits, then Zhong Li would be able to slowly recover!

It was important to know that in the entire Celestial Realm, there weren’t many people who were able to have weapon spirits, and not every ancient divine weapon would have a weapon spirit in it!

So to be able to come across so many weapon spirits and still be able to kill them at will was simply a rare opportunity!

Kai, who thought of this, did not hesitate, but instead grabbed the Dragon Slashing Sword with a vain grasp and leapt up!

Ji Yun simply, followed suit and rushed out!

Kai headed towards a huge evil spirit, the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand chopped down fiercely, after all, the bigger the evil spirit, the more energy it would have, allowing Zhong Li to recover a little faster!

This was Kai’s intention, but Kai’s sword was touched by the sharp claws of the evil spirit, instantly erupting with a huge force, almost causing the Dragon Chopping Sword in Kai’s hand to come off!

“What a great power, this evil spirit is not weak ah ……”

Kai felt a little surprised!

The strength of this Evil Spirit was definitely no less than the strength of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, and he had just tested the strength of that Evil Spirit with just a single try!

After knowing the strength of the Evil Spirit, Kai had a bottom in his heart, the Dragon Slashing Sword was instantly swung forwards, and a golden sword aura shot up into the sky!

Feeling the golden sword aura, the evil spirit was terrified, wanting to dodge but it was simply too late, directly swept by the sword aura, letting out a miserable scream!

Immediately after that, a suction force within the Dragon Sword sucked the evil spirit, which had turned into a black mist, into the Dragon Sword!

After the evil spirit was sucked into the Dragon Sword, a stone hammer suddenly appeared on the originally empty ground.

There were runes carved on top of the hammer, and it was full of cracks, so it was obvious that this hammer was the original weapon of the evil spirit just now.

Kai picked up the stone hammer and realised that it did not look big, but it was very heavy, and Kai had to exert himself to pick it up!

“No wonder that evil spirit is so powerful ……”

Kai looked at the stone hammer in front of him and sort of understood why that evil spirit was so powerful just now!

Looking at the runes on the stone hammer and the way it was full of cracks, Kai felt a little sorry.

Clattering …………

The stone hammer suddenly shattered at this time, and then scattered all over the place!

For some reason, looking at the shattered stone hammer, Kai’s heart was very sad!

It was because he knew that thousands of years ago, the cultivator who used this stone hammer, and what he had gone through to make his weapon become like this!

And he himself had probably long since lost his soul and disappeared into the river of history!

“Ai, even if one becomes an Immortal and ascends to the Heavenly Realm, one is still not free from the fate of death!”

Kai sighed.

The Divine and Demonic Wars were all filled with Immortal level cultivators, and in the end, they were all just like ants, with countless deaths and injuries!


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