A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3112

This time, everyone’s expression tensed up, and now they believed that this stone was indeed the original sealing stone, sealing something underneath!

Many cultivators, exuding their divine sense, felt towards the inside of that hole!

Suddenly, a mass of black mist emerged from within the hole, followed by the black mist spreading out, towards the cultivators around the altar, and began an indiscriminate attack!

Seeing this, Zhou Tai and the others could only begin to follow this mass of black mist as they tangled together!

“What is this thing?” Kai and the others were far away and had not yet had the black mist fill them!

“Evil spirits, these are evil spirits ……”

Ji Lianzhuang suddenly frowned!

“Evil spirits?” Kai froze!

“Not bad, these are Evil Spirits, the so called Evil Spirits are those transformed from ancient weapons with a weapon spirit, these weapons were either damaged in a fight or the owner died in battle, causing these weapon spirits to grow to reside in this area, coupled with the erosion of the Sea of Ink, over time these weapon spirits began to change in temperament, and they became Evil Spirits.”

“If you get an evil spirit weapon, not only is it not a chance, but there is also the possibility of being manipulated by the evil spirit, and it’s even life threatening.”

Ji Lianzhuang explained after Kai!

As soon as Kai heard this, he remembered his own sword spirit Zhong Li of the Dragon Zangling Sword, perhaps Zhong Li would also change his temperament and turn into an evil spirit if he was left here for thousands of years, right?

“How come it looks like these evil spirits are so crazy, as if they don’t have consciousness anymore?”

Kai looked at Zhou Tai and the others following the evil spirits and couldn’t help but say!

“Not bad, many of these evil spirits are broken and have no consciousness, a truly intact and flawless divine weapon spirit, even if it goes through the ravages of the years, it will not be able to become an evil spirit, instead, it will refine itself even more.”

“Only these broken artefact spirits will evolve into evil spirits, these evil spirits will only kill like crazy, without any thinking consciousness, and without any fear of life and death, in their thoughts, there is no such thing as death.”

Ji Lianzhang replied!

When Kai thought about it, he was right, these evil spirits were originally artefact spirits and did not have the so-called physical life to speak of, so of course they would not fear life and death, plus without thinking, they were even more not afraid of anything!

Although these spirits do not seem particularly strong, but it is very difficult to deal with, like a dog skin plaster, how to shake can not be shaken off!

This made Zhou Tai and the others increasingly annoyed!

“These evil spirits are really difficult to deal with, could it be that this sealing original stone is meant to seal these evil spirits? It shouldn’t be according to reason, although these evil spirits are numerous, their strength is really not high.”

Kai was very puzzled as to whether or not this Sealing Original Stone was meant to seal these Evil Spirits!

“Mr Chen, first of all, regardless of whether or not this Sealing Primordial Stone is sealing evil spirits, but now our chance has indeed arrived.”

Ji Lianzhuang said with a faint smile.

“Fate of chance? What chance?” Kai’s face was filled with doubt!

“Look at the underground where they are fighting ……,” Ji Lianzhuang pointed!

Kai looked and found that where Zhou Tai and the others followed the evil spirits to fight, there were all kinds of weapons scattered on the ground, swords, spears, axes, hooks and forks, what kind of things were there, there were even some headpins and rings!

This time, Kai was a bit confused, just now there was nothing on the ground, now how did so many things suddenly appear?

“Patriarch Ji, this is ????”

Kai asked in confusion!

“Mr Chen, these are those evil spirits that have been killed, only when the evil spirits are killed, their innate treasures will appear, and these treasures will become things that have no spirit and can be picked up at will.”

“Although these divine weapons were damaged in the ancient war, they are also valuable here, these can be ancient divine weapons.”

“And the more powerful the evil spirit is, the greater the value of that treasure weapon will be.”

Ji Lianzhang’s eyes glittered!

Kai glanced at Ji Lianzhang, it was not bad to be in business, surprisingly, he could find business opportunities everywhere and thought of earning money!


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