A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3111

“If this can be carved into a weapon, it will definitely be of the finest quality, I haven’t seen this kind of stone before.”

Someone else followed in agreement!

However, this Sealing Original Stone was offensive, so no one dared to try it out at random!

At this time, Kai and the others, who were hiding not far away, looked a little anxious!

“These fools, this is the sealing original stone, if we casually move it and release the sealed thing, we’ll be in trouble.”

“Mr Chen, should we stop them?”

Ji Lianzhuang asked Kai!

Kai pondered for a moment, so he nodded “Okay, let’s go out and tell these fools that this stone cannot be moved casually!”

After saying that, Kai led Ji Lianzhuang and the others out!

Zhou Tai was leading his men to think about how to take the stone away when he suddenly found Kai and the others who had appeared and felt a little surprised.

“It’s you guys? Why are you guys here?”

Zhou Tai knew that Kai and the others had left in the Sacred Turtle, but he didn’t expect that they had also come to this island!

“Zhou Tai, this stone is a sealing original stone, it has a sealing formation engraved on it, it can’t be moved casually because we don’t know what’s sealed underneath, if it’s a terrifying demonic beast, these people will all die.”

Kai warned Zhou Tai!

As soon as the crowd heard what Kai said, they all moved a little further away from the original sealing stone!

Seeing this, Zhou Tai hurriedly said “You don’t have to listen to his bullshit, he is just trying to prevent us from getting this stone, they are secretly guarding here, but they also want to get this stone.”

“What the hell is a sealing original stone, it’s just a bluff, do you guys believe it too?”

When Zhou Tai said so, those cultivators who had somewhat believed in Kai also began to doubt Kai’s motives!

“Zhou Tai, I persuaded you, in order to save you, if you insist on moving this sealing original stone, I don’t care, when the time comes to release the demonic beasts, then wait for death ……”

Kai finished speaking, unexpectedly flashed to the side, indeed not stopping!

This time, it caused Zhou Tai to be a little uncertain as well! >
However, looking at the stone in front of him that was emitting a faint glow, Zhou Tai still could not help himself a little!

“I don’t believe in your bullshit, today this stone, I’m going to be sure, if there is anyone else who wants it, with me together ……”

Zhou Tai swept a glance at the many cultivators and said!

Soon, some people also could not bear the temptation, stood to the side of Zhou Tai, intending to follow Zhou Tai together to get rid of this stone!

Because the stone was a bit big, Zhou Tai planned to blast the stone into smaller pieces before taking it away!

Within this stone, spiritual energy was flowing in all directions, it was obviously a treasure!

“Let’s make a move together and blast this stone into pieces, that way we can share it equally as well.”

“Like those guys who are as cowardly as rats, a piece of it won’t be obtained ……”

Zhou Tai said with a cold snort.

Zhou Tai’s few people began to build up their strength, preparing to make a move on that Sealing Original Stone!

Kai then exhorted “Let’s hide a little further away to take a look and watch what exactly is sealed underneath the sealing original stone.”

Kai led Ji Lianzhuang and the others to hide away, in fact, he was also curious to know what was underneath the seal!

“Make your move ……”

Zhou Tai shouted explosively, and several cultivators made their moves together!

Huge power swung out from everyone’s palms, heading straight for that sealing original stone!

Boom …………

With a loud bang, the sealing original stone was blasted to pieces, scattering stones all over the ground!

Only on these shattered stones, there were no more runes flowing, nor was there any spiritual energy overflowing!

Originally, these were all relying on the sealing formation, first the formation was forcibly broken, and this became ordinary stones!

Looking at a ground of broken stones, and still ordinary stones, Zhou Tai was a bit dumbfounded!

Rumble …………

Suddenly there was another loud bang, and the entire altar began to collapse, and everyone panicked and jumped down!

After the altar collapsed, a dark hole appeared, bottomless, and from within that hole, a burst of eerie breath continued to emanate!


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