A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3110

“It shouldn’t be them, everyone be careful!”

Ji Lianzhuang frowned slightly!

Soon, the noisy footsteps were getting closer and closer and were accompanied by complaints!

“What the hell kind of place is this, looking at the green trees and the environment is very good, surprisingly there is not even a single living thing dead.”

“This has gone all the way, nothing has been found, and two people have been lost!”

Cursing and complaining voices came, causing Kai and Ji Yun to all look at each other!

Listening to the voice they could hear that the person coming was none other than Zhou Tai!

Along with Zhou Tai’s figure appearing, a dozen or so people followed right behind!

All of these people were also haphazardly traversing the island and temporarily came together, after all, Zhou Tai’s strength was high, plus there were many of Zhou Tai’s people, so they all centred on Zhou Tai!

“Zhou Gongzi, look ahead ……”

Someone suddenly shouted out!

“Altar, it’s an altar, an altar has even appeared here, there will definitely be something good then.”

Someone also followed and shouted excitedly!

And there was also someone who was about to run towards that altar!

However, they were stopped by Zhou Tai!

“Gentlemen, on this small island, there isn’t even an ant, yet an altar suddenly appeared, no one knows if it’s a trap, but I can put my words in front of you, no matter what treasures there are here, if we all travelled together, then we have to share them equally, so don’t hurt the peace.”

Zhou Tai said loudly!

“All listen to Mr Zhou’s ……”

“That’s of course, we are now a collective.”

“When we all get together, naturally, harmony is the most important thing.”

The crowd chimed in!

Only what was in the hearts of the crowd, that no one knew!

After all, these people had all come together temporarily and did not know or recognise each other, and in this Heavenly Human Realm of the weak and the strong, how could anyone really share the benefits equally.

If the treasure is not valuable that is good, if it is valuable treasure, these people will certainly crazy scramble, who will be foolishly divided equally ah!

Zhou Tai heart is also like a mirror, the reason why he said so, is to first stabilise these people, after all, this pile of people, his power is the largest!

If there is really any treasure, it is still not his call!

Zhou Tai and the others carefully walked towards the altar, and were very cautious at first, but seeing that the altar was broken and small, and looked like it was going to collapse at any moment, they relaxed a lot!

“This altar, it looks like some tribe built it, what treasures can there be ah, it looks like it has gone through quite a few years, I guess there is nothing.”

Some people looked at that altar, and felt a sense of disappointment!

“I’ll go up and take a look ……”

At this time, a cultivator with a scar on the left side of his face directly leapt up and jumped on top of the altar!

At a glance, he saw the original sealing stone, which at that moment was emitting a faint glow, and the runes inscribed on it were constantly flowing!

Seeing this scene, this cultivator’s eyes went straight!

“There are treasures, this altar has treasures ……”

The cultivator shouted out!

Upon hearing that there were treasures, the others all swarmed towards the altar!

When they saw the original sealing stone, they were also filled with shock, no one would have thought that an altar that was so tattered would have this kind of stone!

It was only that these people didn’t have a formation art that anyone had moved, so they didn’t know what the runes engraved on this original stone were!

“This stone looks like a treasure, what is that engraved on it?”

Someone was very curious and couldn’t help but reach out and touch it!

But just after touching the original sealing stone, a powerful force instantly sent that cultivator flying!

Seeing this, the crowd was so frightened that they rushed away from the sealing original stone and looked on in surprise!

“I didn’t expect this stone, it also comes with an attack, it’s definitely a treasure, we have to find a way to take it away.”

Zhou Tai looked at the sealing original stone with glowing eyes!


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