A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3108

Kai, however, smiled and shook his head, “Patriarch Ji, it is not the power of the sealing protolith, it is you who has been tricked, the spell formation inscribed on this wooden man is not perfect, that is why it has caused this.”

“It seems like the guy who sold you this wooden man is also a half-assed spellcaster.”

When Ji Lianzhuang heard this, he became furious “Damn, dare to lie to me, I spent hundreds of millions of spirit coins to buy this, let me see that guy again, I will definitely skin him.”

“Mr Chen, what now? Should I send one of my disciples to try ……”

“No need!” Kai waved his hand, then casually broke a branch from a tree and held it in his hand!

Only to see Kai reciting words under his breath, the branch in his hand unexpectedly moved!

Afterwards, the branch began to twist and turn like a human being, and from Kai’s hand, he only saw a leap to the original sealing stone!

Subsequently that tree branch under Kai’s control, jumped around on the sealing original stone and nothing happened, the entire altar was also unresponsive!

Seeing this means of Kai, Ji Lianzhang was admiring, regardless of Kai’s strength, on this surgical method of Kai, if he were to do business in the Celestial Realm, he would surely be able to earn a lot of money!

It was just that Kai was not here to earn money in the Celestial Realm, and he had no attachment to money!

“It should be that this sealing formation has failed, nothing is wrong ……”

Kai casually waved his hand, and the section of tree branch instantly turned into powder.

“I had a feeling that there was nothing wrong, which spell formation has no spiritual fluctuations, looking at the degree of breakage of the original stone, it is estimated that it has been here for thousands of years, right?”

Ji Yun said, walked up and stroked the sealing original stone, and there was nothing going on!

Seeing that Ji Yun went up and touched the sealing original stone and nothing happened, Kai could be sure that this sealing formation had indeed failed!

Otherwise, in order to protect the seal from being destroyed, in this sealing formation, it would be accompanied by an attack formation, and as long as someone touched it or intentionally damaged it, the attack formation would start and injure the person!

This was also the reason why Kai did not allow Ji Yun to touch the original sealing stone in the beginning!

“It seems that this is a deserted altar that doesn’t have the slightest use.”

Ji Lianzhuang said with some loss!

In a place like this, when one encounters this kind of altar, anyone would want to be able to obtain some treasures, but now it seems that this is the altar that has been deserted for quite some time!

“It seems that we should not waste our time here, we need to look elsewhere!”

Kai surveyed the surroundings, there was nothing else left of the humble altar, so he loudly left!

But right at this moment, Ji Yun, who had one hand touching the original sealing stone, suddenly struck a stream of aura into that original sealing stone!

Buzz …………

It was this action of Ji Yun’s that caused the sealing original stone to instantly begin to tremble, followed by a huge force that sent Ji Yun flying!


Seeing this, Ji Lianzhuang leapt up to catch Ji Yun!

At this moment, Ji Yun’s face was ugly, and his expression also looked a little painful!

“Are you alright?”

Kai looked at Ji Yun and asked!

“It’s nothing serious, the power that erupted within that stone just now was so powerful.”

Ji Yun said with a palpitating heart!

“It seems that this sealing formation has not failed, and it looks very strong, the reason why we can’t feel the fluctuation of spiritual energy and it looks like an ordinary stone, that’s because the person who set up this formation did so on purpose.”

“This way, no one cares about an ordinary stone, and this is also considered a kind of protection for the formation!”

“Tall person, still really tall person ah ……”

Kai could not help but feel great admiration for the person who had laid the formation!

“This kind of sealing formation was laid here, could it be that underneath this altar, there is something demonic and very scary being suppressed? Otherwise, why go to such great lengths?”

Ji Lianzhang said as he looked at the original sealing stone that was flickering with a faint light!


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