A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3107

Faced with what was on the altar, everyone was silent!

After a while, Ji Lianzhang only claimed to be surprised, “This small altar, without the slightest fluctuation of aura, I didn’t expect that there would be such a terrifying seal ……”

“This seal is indeed very powerful, but it looks as if it has failed.”

Kai spoke!

It turned out that on top of the altar, a raw stone with a diameter of two metres was engraved with complex patterns, which at a glance was a sealing formation!

It was only that the crowd did not know what would be sealed by such a humble altar, but to use such a large sealing formation!

This piece of raw stone engraved with a sealing formation had long since become a bit tattered after years of wear and tear, and the lines on it were only vaguely recognisable, with a shape roughly discernible.

If one did not see it with their own eyes, no one would believe that a sealing formation could be found on such a humble and incomparable altar!

Most importantly, this sealing protolith did not have any aura fluctuations, it was just like an ordinary stone, so when Kai and the others were down there, none of them noticed it!

A sealing formation without aura fluctuations also ostensibly lost its efficacy, which was why Kai would say that the formation seemed to have failed!

After all, no matter what kind of formation, it needed spiritual energy to drive it, and some age-old spell formations would slowly become weaker due to the consumption of spiritual energy, and in the end, they would lose their efficacy completely!

This was also why some sealing spell formations, needed to be re-injected with power after a number of years, to keep them running!

Obviously, the original sealing stone here had also been around for many years, and no one had injected spiritual power into it, so it had become ineffective!

However, Kai was curious to know what exactly was on this small island that required such a large sealing spell formation, and it looked like this sealing spell formation was very complicated.

“Such a piece of stone with some unintelligible shapes carved on it, could it be a sealing spell formation? Is it as magical as you guys say?”

Ji Yun didn’t understand any spell formations, so he wanted to reach out and touch the original stone!

“Don’t move ……”

Kai stopped Ji Yun, “Don’t move until you have thoroughly figured out whether this spell formation has failed or not.”

Ji Yun was so frightened by Kai that he did not dare to be moving either!

On the other hand, Ji Lianzhuang pulled out the wooden man from his arms, then his hands formed a seal, and his spiritual qi continuously surged above the wooden man!

Soon, the wooden man began to move and became more and more flexible!

“Let this wooden man try to see if it’s dangerous first.”

Ji Lianzhang said, and threw that wooden man, and then that wooden man turned into a one-metre big smile, and under Ji Lianzhang’s command, he walked towards that sealing original stone!

“I didn’t expect that Patriarch Ji still knows the Spirit Wood Transformation Technique?”

Kai did not expect that Ji Lianzhang, a Patriarch who specialised in commercial clans, would still know this kind of art, although this kind of art was seen, there were not many cultivators who knew it!

“Mr Chen is joking, I spent a lot of money to buy this, where would I know this, this wooden man was originally carved with a spell formation on top of it.”

Ji Lianzhuang said with an awkward smile!

Kai heard, then realised, originally this Ji Lianzhang’s wooden man followed that sound transmission jade slip generally, had long been carved by the spellcasters, when needed, Ji Lianzhang only needed to take it out and use it!

However, this kind of thing is certainly not cheap, than that sound transmission jade Jane do not know how many times the knee!

Now that Ji Lianzhu had bought this kind of thing, it was evident that the Fei Tian Sect was making a lot of money!

Just as Kai was talking after Ji Lianzhang, the wooden man that Ji Lianzhang was controlling suddenly shook.

Seeing this, Ji Lianzhang panicked and tried to control it, but in the end, that wooden man directly fell apart and turned into a pile of rotten wood!

Seeing this scene, Ji Lianzhang frowned and said “Does this sealing original stone still have power?”

He thought that the reason why the wooden man was like this was because the sealing stone had power, and it became like this when he touched it!


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