A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3106

Zhou Tai then brought people to the island as well, as well as that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, who also came to the island!

Some of the cultivators stayed at the beach, while many more headed towards the dense jungle on the island!

These people were all hoping to find a chance on this island and be able to pick up some treasures!

Since most of them were casual cultivators, they didn’t form a group, but instead walked into the depths of the island in twos and threes!

As these people continued to go deeper and deeper, people also began to inexplicably disappear, but it didn’t cause any attention, after all, they didn’t know each other!

Moreover, they suspected that someone was deliberately messing with them, trying to scare them so that they could monopolise the treasures on this small island!

Kai and the few of them, at this time, had already arrived at the depths of the island, the towering trees blocked the light, making the jungle dim!

“Mr Chen, look ……”

Ji Yun suddenly shrieked!

Kai stopped their bodies and then looked in the direction that Ji Yun was pointing to, and found that in the centre of this small island, there was actually an altar piled up with stones!

“How could there be an altar here, and it looks very worn out, someone should have come here a long time ago!”

Ji Lianzhang said as he looked at the altar not far away!

“Let’s go, go over and take a look, everyone be careful!”

Kai led the crowd towards the altar!

This altar was only a few metres high, covered in weeds, and could only be seen to be built with stones, it looked simple and unimaginable!

And around the altar, there were passages that led to the top of the altar!

With a height of a few metres like this, Kai and the others could go up with a gentle leap!

Just as Ji Yun was about to leap up to the top of the altar, Kai stopped Ji Yun!

“Don’t be reckless, let’s step up on these steps first ……”

Kai didn’t let Ji Yun jump up directly!

Because it was still unknown if this altar had any organs or if it was dangerous, Kai did not let Ji Yun be reckless!

“This altar looks a bit odd ah, who would build an altar on this small island far from the mainland?”

Ji Lianzhuang squinted his eyes, full of doubts!

Although this altar is simple, but built on this small island, it’s thought to be weird!

“Let’s go up one by one, I’ll go up first, if I’m sure there’s no problem, you guys will go up after, and you have to come up by following the place where I’ve stepped on!”

Kai also felt that this uninhabited island, suddenly an altar, would be very odd!

“Mr Chen, it’s not good to let you risk your life first for this kind of thing, I’ll send one of my disciples to go up first ……”

Ji Lianzhang stopped Kai, then looked at a Fei Tian Sect disciple and said “You go up, be careful ……”

“Yes, sir!” That Fei Tian Sect disciple, stepped on the steps and went up step by step!

The crowd held their breath, ready to deal with unexpected situations, that Fei Tian Sect disciple, was also terrified!

But all the way up to the top of the altar, the entire altar did not move!

“What’s on top of that altar?”

Ji Lianzhuang asked to the disciple who went up!

However, that disciple, as if he was stupid, was staring at the centre of the altar as if he saw something that shocked him!

When Kai saw this, he quickly ran up!

Ji Lianzhang and Ji Yun, also led the disciples behind them to catch up!

But just as soon as Kai stepped onto the altar, he suddenly felt that there was actually the aura of demonic beasts around him, the jungle that was originally empty, not even an ant was there, but at this moment, there was actually a burst of terrifying demonic beasts’ aura coming from it!

This was too strange, Kai did not know, how did these demonic beasts’ aura come from, after all, there were no demonic beasts appearing around them at all!

When they had ascended the altar, Kai and the rest of them also froze!

One by one, they looked at the centre of the altar, their expressions were frozen on their faces, they had never thought that above a small altar, there would be such a thing!


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