A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3105

Ji Lianzhang looked at Kai, and when he realised that Kai’s age was not much different from Ji Yun’s, he could not help but be surprised!

Kai’s matter, Ji Lianzhang had also heard from Elder Shi, he did not expect Kai to be so young!

“Mr Chen, thank you for taking care of my canine son all the way ……”

Ji Lianzhang walked towards Kai and said politely!

“Patriarch Ji is polite, Ji Yun didn’t help me much ……”

Kai politely said back!

“Mr Chen, after you guys came to the island, did anything strange happen?”

Ji Lianzhuang asked!

“Strange things?” Kai looked puzzled!

“It’s just that someone will disappear somehow.” Jilian Battle said!

“Yes, one of Mr Chen’s confidantes just disappeared, that’s the eldest lady of the Gao family from the Far North.”

“We were together just now, in the blink of an eye there was no one there, how can we find it?”

As soon as Ji Yun heard this, he rushed to say without waiting for Kai to open his mouth!

“Patriarch Ji, could it be that you guys also encountered this kind of thing?”

Kai asked!

Ji Lianzhuang nodded “We started with a dozen people, now several have inexplicably disappeared, and we are the only ones left.”

“So it seems that this island is really strange, I thought that there was an illusion formation on this island, but I tried and found that there was none.”

Kai was also a little surprised once he heard that Ji Lianzhang and the others had disappeared several times!

“It’s not an illusion formation, if it was an illusion formation, I would have been able to discover it, those people just disappeared out of thin air, and they didn’t want to look like they were taken.”

“I suspect that this island is a teleportation array, or some kind of space-time rift, and the missing people went somewhere else through the teleportation array or space-time rift.”

Ji Lianzhuang voiced out his speculation!

“Very likely!” Kai also agreed more!

Comparing to something like this sudden disappearance, other than a teleportation array and also a spacetime rift, there was no other way to reach it!

“Then what do we do next?” Ji Yun asked!

“It’s a blessing not a curse, it’s a curse that can’t be avoided, since we’ve already arrived on this island, let’s keep going ……”

It was impossible for Kai to stop and wait, regardless of whether Gao Qilan was teleported somewhere else or not, Kai had to explore the secrets of this island!

“Waiting on here is not a solution, we can only continue walking.”

Ji Lianzhang also agreed with Kai’s approach, he did not want to wait here either!

Since they all chose to continue walking, Kai drew a few talismans for each of them to place on themselves!

This way, if someone disappeared out of thin air, Kai could use the talismans to determine the location of the other person!

With this talisman, those disciples of the Fei Tian Sect were also quite relieved!

“I really didn’t expect that Mr Chen, at such a young age, would even know the talisman art.”

Ji Lianzhuang sighed!

After all, in the Celestial Realm, there weren’t a lot of masters who knew the Rune Spell Art, or else some of the Rune Spell Jade Slips wouldn’t be so expensive, and even the most common Voice Transmission Jade Slips weren’t something that ordinary people could afford!

“Dad, you haven’t fully seen Mr Chen’s magical powers yet, he is omnipotent ……”

Ji Yun’s admiration for Kai was fanatical now!

Just as Kai and his group were heading towards the depths of the island, the huge whoosh of a spirit ship that they were originally travelling on was also wrapped up by the holy turtle and arrived here at the island!

Looking at the small island in front of them, everyone felt very shocked and amazed!

Especially those spirit ship staff, they had been sailing on the Ink Sea for who knows how many years, but they never knew that there was a small island here!

Looking at the tree-lined island in front of them, quite a few cultivators jumped off the spirit ship onto the island!

There was also a portion of timid cultivators who chose to stay on top of the spirit ship because they were afraid of what dangers the island had to offer!

Ye Fengqing ordered the staff to hurry up and repair the spirit ship, and he also went up to the island!


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