A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3104

Kai and Ji Yun were both in a state of anxiety!

No one could have imagined that they would lose Gao Qilan just after getting to the island!

“Mr Chen, what do we do next?”

Ji Yun asked, somewhat at a loss for words!

“Keep going, no matter how Miss Gao disappeared, she definitely won’t be off this island.”

“As long as she is still alive, I will find her even if I search the entire island.”

Kai said with firm eyes!

There was no way he would leave Gao Qilan behind, Kai would not leave this island until he found Gao Qilan!

“Then the two of us will walk side by side, so if someone disappears, we can be the first to notice.”

Ji Yun walked to Kai’s side, walking side by side.

Kai’s divine sense continued to spread out in all directions, and Ji Yun was also vigilantly surveying the surroundings!

After walking for some distance, Kai waved his hand for Ji Yun to stop!

“Mr Chen, what’s wrong?” Ji Yun asked in a low voice!

“There are people here, although they are all deliberately hiding their auras, I still detected it.”

Kai said!

“Deliberately hiding their breath, could it be that they have discovered us?”

Ji Yun froze and said!

“Definitely found us, just now my divine sense hasn’t been retracted, they should have sensed it.”

“We don’t know if the other party is a foe or a friend yet, so we need to approach quietly and hide our aura!”

Kai exhorted!

“I understand ……,” Ji Yun hid his breath along with him!

And at this moment, Ji Lianzhang, who was under the tree, noticed that the divine sense had disappeared, and also began to urge a few Fei Tian Sect disciples to be careful and prudent!

Kai was slowly approaching with Ji Yun, and soon discovered Ji Lianzhang and the others under the big tree!

However, because of the dense foliage, it was impossible to see what the other party was, but the number of people on the other side was still vaguely distinguishable!

Because both sides were hiding their auras, no one could gap out the other’s identity!

“Ji Yun, does your Fei Tian Sect have a special way of discernment to find out if those few people are from your Fei Tian Sect.”

Kai was afraid of a misunderstanding, so he wanted Ji Yun to probe the identity of the other party first!

If they were people from the Fei Tian Sect, then they wouldn’t have to be so cautious!

“There …… is,” Ji Yun said, taking out a small golden gourd from his pocket, which was only the size of his thumb with three holes in it!

Only to see Ji Yun put the zucchini to his mouth, press the three small holes in turn, and blow that zucchini!

Surprisingly, a low sound like that of a fierce beast was emitted from within the zucchini!

After blowing three times, Ji Yun stopped and quietly observed the other party!

If the other party could distinguish the sound, then it was definitely someone from the Fei Tian Sect.

As for Ji Lianzhuang, when he heard this voice, his entire body instantly froze, then joy appeared on his face, and the aura on his body was no longer hidden as he shouted “Yun’er, is that you? Is it you?”

Ji Lianzhang’s voice instantly reached Ji Yun’s ears.

Upon hearing that it was his father’s voice, Ji Yun’s entire body was trembling slightly with excitement!

“Father, father …………”

Ji Yun shouted and ran towards Ji Lianzhuang!

Through the dense grass, Ji Yun finally saw his father, looking at the vicissitudes on Ji Lianzhang’s face, Ji Yun’s eyes instantly moistened!

Father and son hugged each other tightly, Kai also followed, seeing the two reunited as father and son, he also looked very happy!

“Yun’er, how did you come to be on top of this island?”

Ji Lianzhuang was very curious, Ji Yun was far away in the far north, how did he come here.

Moreover, this islet, not many people knew about it, if it wasn’t for the fact that their spirit ship was destroyed and drifted here, it would be impossible to find this strange islet!

“When I heard Elder Shi say that you had brought people to the Mo Hai, looking for that Piercing Cloud Sect to seek revenge, I was very worried in my heart, so I followed Mr Chen and came to look for them.”

“Then I heard that you sank in the sea on a spirit ship chasing the people of the Piercing Cloud Sect, so I was even more worried, so I came on the spirit ship to look for you.”


Ji Yun told the matter as it was after Ji Lianzhuang!


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