A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3103

Because at this moment, Ji Lianzhuang felt that someone was using his divine sense to explore the road!

Just now, he had sent out his divine sense to investigate, there was no human breath in the vicinity of a few miles, but this was only a moment’s work, how could there be a human breath?

Although he didn’t know what kind of people they were, but to be able to encounter humans on this island, Ji Lianzhuang’s mood was still a little excited!

Soon, the other few Soaring Sky Sect disciples also gapped to the fact that there were people approaching around them, and were also filled with excitement!

“Sovereign, should we spread out our divine sense and respond to the other party?”

A Fei Tian Sect disciple said!

Ji Lian Zhan, however, waved his hand and said “Don’t, now all hide our breaths well, let’s just wait quietly, I believe that these people will be able to get here soon.”

“Let’s see what the other side is first before ……”

Ji Lianzhuang was afraid that it was someone from the Piercing Cloud Sect who had also come to this island and driven them to extinction!

After all, the other party has a large sea turtle mount, want to come to this island is very easy, and also do not have to worry about encountering wind and waves capsize the boat!

Upon hearing this, the few Fei Tian Sect disciples hurriedly hid their auras and waited quietly!

“Mr Chen, this island looks like it has a great view, and there are flying birds overhead, how come after entering, we can’t see any other animals?”

“It’s really strange, I didn’t even see a single ant, even a single bug can ah, it looks like the mountains and forests on this island are like fake!”

Ji Yun couldn’t help but voice out the doubts in his heart!

Kai didn’t say anything, but his brows slowly creased together, he also found that this island was a bit odd, but he couldn’t tell!

Logically speaking, such a beautiful island would definitely have many animals, even if there were demonic beasts, it wouldn’t be surprising, but this place was awfully quiet!

There were tall vegetation everywhere, but it seemed a bit dead!

“Miss Gao, in a moment …………”

Kai wanted to follow Gao Qilan to say something, but when he turned his head to look, he did not see Gao Qilan’s figure at all!

This time, Kai directly panicked!

“Ji Yun, where is Gao Qilan?”

Kai asked to Ji Yun!

After all, he was scouting in the front, Ji Yun and Gao Qilan were following behind, and Ji Yun should have known that Gao Qilan was missing!

“Miss Gao was right behind me? How come she’s gone?”

Ji Yun looked back and didn’t find Gao Qilan’s figure either, and became anxious!

“Miss Gao ……”

“Gao Qilan ……”

Kai and Ji Yun shouted loudly!

Their voices contained spiritual energy and directly penetrated far away, but after shouting several times, they did not hear a single response!

“How could this be? Did Miss Gao suddenly disappear?”

Ji Yun was at a loss for words!

Kai froze in place, carefully surveying the surroundings of the island.

He also did not understand why Gao Qilan had suddenly disappeared.

If she was lost, then surely she could have heard the cries, and if she had been captured by something, Gao Qilan should have had time to call for help as well!

They were only a few metres apart, it could be said that Gao Qilan just disappeared under their noses!

“Too strange, just too strange ……”

Kai frowned, then an Illusory Origin emanated from within the Origin Space!

Now that Gao Qilan had suddenly disappeared, Kai suspected that there would be an Illusion Formation above this entire island!

If in the middle of an Illusion Formation, it would be very easy to explain the sudden disappearance of a person!

Therefore, Kai wanted to see if a huge Illusion Formation existed above this small island or not!

Along with this Origin of Illusion emanating from Kai, Kai carefully observed, but after Kai had checked, he did not find that in their surroundings, there was the existence of any formations.

This time, it made Kai also start to become a little disorientated, Gao Qiqiang gave Gao Qilan to himself, and also instructed to take care of it!

This is good, only a few days have passed, and Gao Qilan has been lost ……


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