A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3102

“Let’s go, let’s head inwards and take a look ……”

Kai finished speaking and led Ji Yun and Gao Qilan towards the inside of the island!

Although this small island was in the depths of the Ink Sea, the environment on the island was very beautiful, with lush greenery and exceptionally good air, which contrasted sharply with the pitch-black Ink Sea!

And on top of the island, from time to time, there are birds crying and flying over, which makes Kai a little curious, these birds have been living on this island?

After all, this small island is surrounded by the Ink Sea, to get from this small island to the bottom of the nearest continent, I’m afraid to thousands of kilometres, there is no habitat in the middle of the way, these birds of prey are afraid that it is very difficult to fly to!

While walking towards the interior of the island, Kai’s Divine Sense also began to slowly spread out, checking the situation within the surrounding miles!

If there was someone around, he could be the first to sense it!

And at this moment, in the depths of the island, under a large tree that was several metres thick, six people were sitting around under the tree, one of them was a middle-aged man with a face full of vicissitudes and melancholy.

This man was Ji Yun’s father, the Soaring Sky Sect’s Patriarch, Ji Lianzhang, whose spirit ship had sunk and was stranded on top of this island!

“Patriarch, we can’t be walking around anymore, this island is just too strange, there are already many brothers who are lost and can’t be contacted at all.”

“Right, we can’t be walking anymore, we are obviously together with a dozen people, but as we walk around, there will be fewer people, but no one has found any abnormality ah.”

“Too scary, this island is too scary ……”

Several Fei Tian Sect disciples were already filled with fear at this point, not daring to move in the slightest!

Ji Lianzhang is also frowning, don’t know what to think, this island is also really some weird, originally he brought a dozen disciples to swim to the island, but after entering the island, there are inexplicably always disciples disappeared!

There was no fighting at all, and there were no demonic beasts to be seen, so no one knew where these disciples had gone!

Is lost, or captured!

Now Ji Lianzhuang was in a difficult situation, if they stopped moving and stayed under this tree, although it was fine if they didn’t eat or drink, but then they would be trapped and die here forever!

Thinking of his Fei Tian Sect, thinking of being sneak attacked by the Piercing Cloud Sect, Ji Lianzhang was on fire!

He absolutely could not be trapped to death here!

“We can’t be trapped to death here, we have to keep going and find a way to leave.”

“This time everyone find something to tie each other together, surely no one will go missing again.”

Ji Lianzhuang said with a firm face!

Upon hearing that they still had to leave, the several Fei Tian Sect disciples all panicked!

“Sovereign, please, don’t be walking around anymore, it’s really too scary!”

“We’re the only ones left, if we keep walking, we’re all going to disappear.”

“We’d rather be trapped here than walk anymore.”

A few Soaring Sky Sect disciples bitterly begged Ji Lianzhuang, they didn’t want to go any further!

Instead of disappearing inexplicably and living in fear, it would be better to be trapped here and die!

Seeing that the several disciples all didn’t dare to move, Ji Lianzhang also had a frown on his face, even though these people were all disciples of the Fei Tian Sect and had to unconditionally obey his orders!

However, at this point in time, he knew that these disciples had already broken down in their hearts, so it was justifiable for them to refuse his orders!

“Then you guys wait here, I’m going to explore the neighbourhood, I’ll give you a sound transmission once every ten minutes, if you can’t hear my transmission, then you guys are on your own!”

Ji Lianzhuang intended to go scout the situation alone, he didn’t want to be a sitting duck here!

Seeing this, the few Fei Tian Sect disciples didn’t dare to say anything else, they could only beg that Ji Lianzhang wouldn’t have any problems!

But just as Ji Lianzhang was about to leave, his body suddenly froze, followed by his body moving as if it was frozen!


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