A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3101

Seeing that the Sacred Turtle had killed the demonic beast and had even carried the beast’s dan up to itself, Kai was instantly elated.

He did not expect that the Sacred Turtle would be so powerful in this Ink Sea!

When he first tamed this Sacred Turtle, he did not feel it either!

“Mr Chen, this Sacred Turtle that you tamed is really powerful, just now that demonic beast didn’t look weak, but it was directly killed by the Sacred Turtle, and even fetched the Beast Dan for you!”

Seeing this, Ji Yun said with envy!

“I also didn’t expect that this Sacred Turtle would have such strength!”

Kai had a happy look on his face and then took the Beast Dan out of that Sacred Turtle’s mouth.

Kai also took out some spirit herbs from his storage ring and fed them to that holy turtle!

The Sacred Turtle let out a contented roar from its mouth!

Kai’s trio then let the Sacred Turtle carry them straight towards that small island!

As they got closer and closer to the island, they found that there was a lot of debris floating on the sea around the island, it was obvious that a spirit ship had sunk again.

And amongst all that clutter, there were a dozen or so corpses floating on the surface of the sea, which looked a little terrifying!

Seeing this scene, Ji Yun’s face began to turn ugly, and his eyes were filled with worry!

He was afraid, afraid that this was the spirit ship that his father was travelling on, and that amongst those corpses was his father!

Kai could see Ji Yun’s worry and said in relief “There are many people travelling on spirit ships above this Mo Sea, besides there are many spirit ships passing by, it may not necessarily be your father and them.”

“We can take a look at the corpses and see if there are any people from your Fei Tian Sect!”

Ji Yun nodded and Kai then ordered the Sacred Turtle to head towards those floating debris!

After approaching a corpse, Ji Yun carefully identified it!

Because the corpse was soaked in seawater, it appeared to be swollen, so identification was a little difficult!

However, Ji Yun was able to confirm the identity of the corpse through the clothing and accessories on the body!

“This is a disciple of our Fei Tian Sect, their clothes and the unique bracelets on their wrists are owned by our Fei Tian Sect.”

Ji Yun said with a slightly trembling voice!

“Don’t be in a hurry, let’s check all these corpses to see if there is your father, if not, maybe they have already escaped to the island.”

“This place is very close to the island, even if the ship sinks here, there is still a chance to escape to the island.”

Kai comforted Ji Yun and told him not to be anxious!

They began to identify the corpses one by one, and found that these corpses were surprisingly all from the Fei Tian Sect, and it was obvious that this sunken spirit ship was the one that their Fei Tian Sect was travelling on!

However, the only thing worth celebrating was that amongst these corpses, there was not Ji Yun’s father, which left a glimmer of hope in Ji Yun’s heart!

“Let’s go to the island first ……”

Seeing that these corpses did not include Ji Yun’s father, Kai also secretly breathed a sigh of relief and decided to take a look at the island!

Soon, the Sacred Turtle came to the side of the island, but after arriving here, the Sacred Turtle was not leaning forward!

It seemed that there was something on the small island that scared the Sacred Turtle!

Seeing this, Kai and the others could only leap up from the back of the Sacred Turtle and jump onto the small island!

At this time, Kai realised that on top of this small island, there was not the same suction force that he had felt in the Sea of Ink, and he could fly freely, which was a bit of a surprise to him!

“You wait for us here, don’t run around ……”

Kai ordered to that Sacred Turtle!

The Sacred Turtle nodded and responded to Kai!

“Kai, look ……”

Gao Qilan suddenly called out to Kai, pointing at the beach not far from the island!

A few people ran over and saw that there were a lot of messy footprints on the ground, and although there was already quite a bit of sand covering these footprints, they were still clearly recognisable!

“It seems that someone landed on this island a few days ago, maybe it was your father and the others!”

Kai said as he examined the footprints!

When Ji Yun heard this, there was finally a trace of relief on his face!


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