A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3100

In this way, the three of them were on the back of the Sacred Turtle, sailing for three days before they could vaguely see the appearance of that small island!

“Damn, I thought it would be very close, but it turns out that this island is so far away ……”

After seeing the island, Kai could not help but curse!

After staying on this turtle’s back for three days, although he didn’t eat, drink or get hungry, it was too suffocating.

The holy turtle swam towards the small island, Kai stretched hard and looked at the small island that appeared from afar!

However, soon after, the Sacred Turtle suddenly stopped advancing and kept swimming in place!

When Kai saw this, he could not help but frown!

“Mr Chen, what’s wrong?” Ji Yun asked in confusion!

“It seems that another demonic beast is about to appear in this Sea of Mo.”

Kai said!

As soon as Kai’s words fell, a dark sea water churned in the dark sea surface of the Ink Sea, and in this sea water, an eerie blue light was emitted, like the eyes of a demonic beast!

Buzz …………

Suddenly, something soared out of the ink sea, bringing up a large amount of seawater and falling down with a crash!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Kai and the others had been prepared and had formed an aura shield around their bodies, these seawater would have already doused them into a soupy mess!

The seawater Luo Xiang, only to see a ray of light steeply fly past Kai’s head, and then in the darkness between heaven and earth, a bright light erupted, like a blazing sun!

A strange-sized demonic beast with a pair of fleshy wings stared at Kai and the others with a deadly stare!

“What kind of demonic beast is this, it looks so scary?”

When Gao Qilan saw this demonic beast, she was so frightened that her body trembled a little!

She had never seen such a terrifyingly shaped demonic beast in the Far North!

Kai and Ji Yun also did not know what kind of demonic beast this was, after all, many people had never seen these demonic beasts inside the sea!

Kai looked at the demonic beast in front of him and looked a little nervous!

If it was on land, Kai was not afraid, but in the middle of the Ink Sea, Kai simply had no place to land!

Moreover, in the air above the Sea of Ink, even in powerful cultivators, it was difficult to fly for a long period of time, in this way, they had no way to deal with demonic beasts that could fly in mid-air!

The terrifying demonic beast in mid-air directly swooped down towards Kai and the others.

Seeing this, Kai asked Ji Yun to protect Gao Qilan, while he sacrificed his Dragon Sword, intending to fight the demonic beast!

Just as the demonic beast swooped down, suddenly the Sacred Turtle sprayed a stream of seawater from its mouth!

The seawater was like a sharp sword, heading straight towards the demonic beast!

Seeing this, the demonic beast scrambled to dodge away, and then flickered its wings, emitting a squawk from mid-air, seemingly mocking the Holy Turtle!

Seeing this, the Sacred Turtle also let out a hiss!

Three waves of water were seen approaching from afar, quickly arriving in front of Kai, and underneath these three waves of water were actually three smaller sized Holy Turtles!

Kai instantly understood the meaning of his Saint Turtle, so he said to Gao Qilan and Ji Yun “Let’s jump onto the backs of the other Saint Turtles ……”

After saying that, the three of them jumped onto the backs of the other Sacred Turtles!

Without Kai and the others at their backs, the huge Sacred Turtle tilted its head up, followed by a flight from the sea of ink!

Then from the mouth of the Sacred Turtle, a column of water was sprayed out, heading straight towards the demonic beast!

The demonic beast had panic in its eyes, flashing a pair of fleshy wings and desperately flying high into the sky!

The water column was like a sharp sword, directly penetrating the demonic beast’s wings!

The demonic beast suffered pain and let out a miserable scream, then its body fell down towards the sea!

Plop …………

With a loud bang, the sea surface was splashed with huge waves!

The Sacred Turtle also swooped down from mid-air and plunged into the Ink Sea!

Kai saw that on the surface of the Ink Sea, huge bubbles were constantly emerging, and it was as if the water was boiling!

But after a few minutes, the sea surface returned to calm!

The Sacred Turtle, on the other hand, had a mouth full of blood and was dangling a Beast Dan as it emerged from the water!


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