A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 3099

Ye Fengqing’s face became ugly, but there was nothing he could do about it, and he didn’t want to cause public anger!

After all, in front of a life and death decision, the crowd could do anything!

If this forced the crowd to make a move with him, even if he was in the Transitional Realm, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to stand up to so many people!

“Kid, I remember you, as long as you dare to go ashore, I will take your life.”

Ye Fengqing threatened at Kai!

Kai was not bothered, he had the Sacred Turtle with him, he could go ashore at any time, at that time, as long as he left this place, he didn’t believe that Ye Fengqing would still be able to find him!

What’s more, even if Ye Fengqing didn’t chase after him, he believed that the Demon Sealing Alliance wouldn’t settle with him.

So for the people from the Demon Sealing Alliance, Kai was not afraid, it was already like this anyway.

“Mr Chen, you guys better get on the Holy Turtle’s back and leave, as for that Ye Fengqing, I’ll keep an eye on him, if he dares to make a move against Mr Chen, I won’t be able to spare him.”

“The big deal is that in the event of being hunted down by that Demon Sealing Alliance, I’ll just hide and be in hiding for a few decades when the time comes.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder said to Kai!

“Many thanks senior, as long as I get to the shore, I am not necessarily afraid of that surname Ye.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

As long as he returned to Demon Emperor City, with Ye Fengqing’s strength, it would be impossible for him to enter Demon Emperor City, so when the time came, he would let Yihe just finish him off!

After saying goodbye to the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, Kai took Gao Qilan and also Ji Yun and jumped onto the back of the Sacred Turtle!

The Sacred Turtle then sped towards that small island under Kai’s orders!

When Ye Fengqing saw Kai leave on the Sacred Turtle, he was furious and his teeth clenched!

“Return journey …………”

Ye Fengqing shouted, the spirit ship was damaged, it was not suitable to continue sailing on the Ink Sea!

“Helmsman, the spirit ship is damaged, it needs to be repaired and the array rearranged before it can continue sailing.”

A staff member wearing a bagua robe ran over and said!

“Then hurry up and get it repaired!”

Ye Fengqing glared angrily and yelled!

Frightened, the staff member hurriedly went to repair it!

But right at this moment, the spirit ship suddenly shook, and the dozens of holy turtles, once again wrapped around the spirit ship, began to move forward!

Now, the crowd panicked, not knowing where these holy turtles were taking them!

The spirit ship was damaged, and if they wanted to cast spells to stop the holy turtles, there was no way to do so, and they could only watch as these holy turtles carried the spirit ship forward!

“These Sacred Turtles are proficient in spirituality and have a gentle temperament, never actively attacking humans, so it’s not necessarily dangerous for them to carry the spirit ship forward.”

“Maybe these Sacred Turtles know where there are many treasures and are specially bringing us on a treasure hunt.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man said!

Once the crowd heard this, they felt that the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder was right, and they all relaxed quite a bit, all returning to their rooms and letting these Sacred Turtles take the Spirit Ship forward!

As for Kai and the three of them, they were sitting on the back of the holy turtle, although it was not as good and comfortable as the conditions on the spirit ship.

But on the back of this holy turtle, they could face the wind and waves, and look at the scenery of the Mo Sea, which also had a special flavour!

Kai was sitting on the turtle’s back, holding the wind-stabilising bead in his hand, so that if the holy turtle swam as fast as it could, they wouldn’t be hit by the wind!

Looking at the Wind Stabilising Bead in his hand, feeling the breath of wind inside, and the whistling sound of the wind, Kai wondered what this Wind Stabilising Bead could bring to himself!

Could it help him sense the origin of the wind?

Kai had never cultivated a wind related technique, nor had he ever obtained a wind related aura!

The only thing that was linked to wind energy was Kai’s Blistering Wind Steps!

Kai held the Wind Fixing Bead tightly, wanting to enter his divine sense within the Wind Fixing Bead to see if he could absorb those wind breaths inside the Wind Fixing Bead!

But after trying many times, he failed, there was no way to absorb it!

“We can’t just swallow the Wind Stabilising Pearl, can we?”

Kai had a helpless look on his face!


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