A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3098

“Ancestor is above, please accept my disciple’s worship ……”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man said, surprisingly, he was about to kneel down for Kai!

This time, Kai was shocked, and hurriedly stepped forward to assist the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, “Senior, what do you mean by this?”

“Your Holy Light Fist, was personally taught by the Wind Demon Elder Ancestor, then you are the disciple of the Wind Demon Elder Ancestor, and in that case, is my Grandmaster.”

“When I see my ancestor, I should have performed a great salute ……”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder explained!

When Kai heard this, he hurriedly shook his head “Elder, I only saved Elder Wind Demon by chance, and he taught me the Holy Light Fist, I can’t be counted as his disciple, and Elder Wind Demon didn’t say anything about accepting me as his disciple.”

“Even though Wind Demon Elder didn’t say it, but asking you to go to the Heavenly Demon Mountain to look for him, then he definitely has that intention.”

“Even if you’re not a disciple of Wind Demon Old Ancestor, but you saved our Old Ancestor, that’s still a great benefactor of our Wind Demon Clan, and it’s only right that I kneel and worship you.”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Elder said that he was about to kowtow to Kai!

Kai pulled the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder to his death and said with an embarrassed face, “Senior, don’t be like this, such a big gift, it’s a disgrace to junior.”

Kai really didn’t expect, this Devil Mountain ghost old man is old, looks fierce and vicious, but does things so openly, not like the rumours at all!

Just as Kai and the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man were pulling and tugging at each other, an appalling aura suddenly burst out behind them!

“Good you Kai, how dare you hide your strength and lure me into a trap.”

“If I don’t kill you today, I vow not to be a human being ……”

Ye Fengqing’s figure slowly flew out from the cabin, his eyes filled with intense killing intent!

In front of so many people, he was sent flying by Kai with a single punch, this was simply too humiliating!

It was also a disgrace to their Demon Sealing Alliance, and if the Alliance Master knew about it, it would be troublesome!

Feeling the aura on Ye Fengqing’s body, Gao Qilan and Ji Yun’s faces all changed, and their entire figures felt as if they were being pressed down by a huge mountain!
> The pressure of a Dynastic Realm cultivator was not something they could withstand!

When Kai saw this, his face also became incredibly ugly, if this Ye Fengqing really used his full strength, there was no way for him to deal with it!

Although he could escape, but what about Gao Qilan and Ji Yun?

Just as Kai and the others were suffering from Ye Fengqing’s terrifying pressure, they suddenly felt their bodies loosen up!

Only to see the body of the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, a ray of light erupted and enveloped the three of them!

When Ye Fengqing saw this, he frowned “Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, what do you mean by this?”

“I don’t mean anything, I said it, no one can threaten me completely.”

“Now that the spirit ship is damaged, many people are scrambling to repair it, you even want to make a move on top of the spirit ship, you don’t want to live, I still want to live.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man said indifferently!

Ye Feng Qing coldly looked at Devil Mountain Ghost Elder, the expression on his face became more and more gloomy.

“Are you trying to follow my entire Demon Sealing Alliance against me?” Ye Fengqing threatened the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder!

“I don’t want to go against your Demon Sealing Alliance, but I also don’t want to die ah.”

“So as long as I am on top of this spirit ship, if you want to make a move, it will never be possible ……”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had a resolute face!

At this time, the other cultivators also surrounded over, this time they weren’t stopping the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, they were stopping that Ye Feng Qing!

Just now, Ye Fengqing slapped down and made Kai fly away with a single punch, and the entire spirit ship was damaged.

If that Ye Fengqing were to make a move now, the spirit ship would definitely be finished, it would 100% sink!

At this moment, none of the crowd dared to look at Kai as if he was an ant!

“Rudder Master Ye, you can’t do it again, or we will all die.”

“That’s right, with that slap just now, the entire spirit ship was almost destroyed.”

“Now that the spirit ship is damaged, you resolutely can’t make a move anymore.”

Numerous cultivators surrounded Ye Fengqing, not allowing him to make a move!


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