A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3097

“I’m not looking to take a ride on your Sacred Turtle, if I need to, I can tame a Sacred Turtle while I’m at it.”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man shook his head!

Kai thought about it and rightly so, this Devil Mountain Ghost Elder was not bad in strength, he had tamed a Sacred Turtle but let it go, if the Spirit Ship really sank, he could totally tame a Sacred Turtle in just that!

“Then I wonder why senior stopped us?” Kai asked in disbelief!

“I want to know, who did you learn your Holy Light Fist from?”

Demon Mountain Ghost Elder asked with a serious face!

“Learned after an old senior.” Kai replied!

However, he did not directly name the Wind Demon, after all, throughout the Celestial Realm, many people hated the Demon Race, if Kai rashly said that he followed the Demon Race to cultivate, he was afraid of causing unnecessary misunderstandings!

“Followed which old senior?”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder asked after him!

“This …………” Kai was a little hesitant!

“You this person, how to get to the bottom of it ah, is with whom you learnt, must tell you?”

Gao Qilan was a little unhappy, obviously Kai was unwilling to say, but this Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man repeatedly pressed the question!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man did not pay attention to Gao Qilan, but looked at Kai and said, “Your Holy Light Fist is pure and powerful, it is obviously a direct descendant of the Wind Demon lineage.”

“But as far as I know, after the God-Devil War, the Wind Demon was destroyed and the Wind Demon lineage fell apart, and nowadays there is no one who can perform this pure Holy Light Fist.”

Hearing the words of the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, Kai pondered for a moment and said “Truth be told, this Holy Light Fist of mine was personally taught by the Wind Demon Senior.”

Upon hearing this, the Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man was instantly shocked “Impossible, absolutely impossible, Wind Demon Elder he ……”

Having just said this, the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder snapped his mouth shut, seemingly realising that he had said the wrong thing!

And Kai keenly captured the words of the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, instantly frowned and said “Wind Demon Old Ancestor? Could it be that you are a demonic cultivator, of the Wind Demon lineage?” >
Seeing this, Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man could only nod his head “Not bad, I am indeed a Devil Cultivator, belonging to the Wind Devil lineage, in order to survive, I have practiced the Complete Technique, so the aura on my body can change in a thousand different ways, and this is in order to keep people from noticing my Devil Race’s identity.”

“However, because of this, my strength has not increased by a single centimetre for hundreds of years, I have been guarding the Heavenly Demon Mountain, hoping that one day I will be able to right the wrongs of my Wind Demon lineage.”

“The Wind Demon Old Ancestor has been dead for thousands of years, even those disciples and grandchildren who have seen him are all dead and wounded now, how could he possibly teach you the Holy Light Fist personally?”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Elder did not believe what Kai said, after all, it was too outrageous.

“Senior Wind Demon did not die, a wisp of his residual soul was suppressed within the Devil Suppressing Pagoda in the secular realm, it was by chance that I rescued Senior Wind Demon, who taught me the Holy Light Fist. ”

“He also said, let me have the opportunity, Heavenly Demon Mountain in see it ……”

Kai said truthfully!

“What? Wind Demon Ancestor didn’t die? He returned to the Heavenly Demon Mountain? How come I haven’t seen him?”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder was filled with excitement, his body trembling slightly!

“That I don’t know, perhaps he is but a wisp of residual soul and doesn’t want people to know, perhaps when he recovers his physical body, he will appear.”

Kai also did not understand why the Wind Demon had never shown up!

However, thinking about it, with only a wisp of residual soul left, the Wind Demon’s strength must have been greatly reduced, and if he showed up now, he might have been suppressed again!

Maybe he is thinking of recovering his physical strength, then it is not too late to show up!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder stared at Kai, “You didn’t lie to me?”

“What am I lying to you for, does it mean anything to me?”

“And this Holy Light Fist of mine, it can’t be faked, right?”

Kai said with a faint smile!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had completely trusted Kai at this point, after all, Kai’s Holy Light Fist, apart from the Wind Demon himself, absolutely no one would have learnt it.


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