A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3096

That would not be fun!

Seeing that Ye Fengqing had actually withdrawn his strength again, Kai raised a cold smile on his face, since this guy had underestimated himself so much, then let him have a good memory!

Kai originally wanted to dodge, after all, Ye Fengqing was a Ferry Realm cultivator, even if he didn’t use his full strength in the slap, the power was still not small!

Now that Ye Fengqing had even withdrawn his strength again, then Kai did not intend to dodge!

Seeing that Kai did not dodge, the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder frowned slightly and stepped forward to block!

Because that Ye Fengqing’s palm went down, Kai would definitely not be able to withstand it if he did not dodge!

Seeing the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder trying to make a move to block, the many surrounding cultivators instantly surrounded the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, surrounding him in the middle!

They did not allow the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder to make a move, if the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder followed Ye Feng Qing and made a move, then this Spirit Ship would surely sink, and then all of them would be doomed!

Seeing so many people surrounding him, the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder frowned and could do nothing about it!

As for Ye Fengqing, when he saw that Kai did not move at all and was looking at himself with a cold smile on his face, he thought that Kai had been scared silly!

Seeing that, Ye Fengqing’s palm, with a mighty momentum, was about to slap on Kai’s body, Kai’s eyes flashed with coldness and finally moved!

“Holy Light Fist …………”

Kai violently clenched his fist, and immediately after, his fist blossomed with radiant rays of light!

Endless power surged out from this fist of Kai!

Boom …………

This fist of Kai ruthlessly smashed on top of Ye Fengqing’s palm!

In an instant, a booming sound erupted!

The eruption caused the spirit ship to begin to shake violently, and the entire deck began to continuously crumble!

At this moment, everyone began to panic!

As for that Ye Fengqing, his eyes were wide with shock, and his entire person directly flew out backwards, smashing heavily on top of the deck, which instantly collapsed, and his entire person was plunged into the cabin of the ship!

The spell formations around the spirit ship instantly collapsed under this violent aftershock, and quite a few people were blown over onto the ground!

None of them had any mental preparation, in their opinion, Kai was nothing more than a mole cricket that would die with a gentle twist.

However, they did not expect that this mole cricket would burst out with the strength of a fierce beast!

“Quickly, repair the spirit ship, absolutely do not let the spirit ship collapse ……”

A staff member wearing a bagua robe shouted!

Soon, the many spirit ship staff members got busy, anxiously repairing it, fearing that the spirit ship would collapse and sink directly in the middle of the Ink Sea, in which case, none of them would survive!

As for the other cultivators, while shocked, they also rushed to help, after all, this was a major event related to their own life and death!

The entire spirit ship was in chaos, only Kai had a calm face, after all, he had the Sacred Turtle, even if the spirit ship sank, it had nothing to do with him!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder looked at Kai dumbfounded at this moment, his eyes filled with astonishment!

His surprise was not that Kai could knock down Ye Fengqing, he was surprised how Kai knew the Holy Light Fist!

“Miss Gao, Ji Yun, let’s go ……”

Kai looked at the messy spirit ship and decided to take them away on the Sacred Turtle!

The reason why he had his hand just now was because of that Ye Fengqing’s carelessness, not that he really had the strength to defeat Ye Fengqing!

Now while the spirit ship was in chaos, it was only right for them to leave quickly, if that Ye Fengqing really wanted to fight for his life and give up the spirit ship without wanting it, there was nothing Kai could do about it!

“Wait a moment ……”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man’s figure swayed, and he blocked Kai’s path to them!

“What do you want to do?” Ji Yun said with a wary expression!

Kai, however, waved his hand and told Ji Yun to shut up, then looked at the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and said, “Senior, I don’t know why you are stopping us?”

“If you want to ride the Sacred Turtle together, then please, this Sacred Turtle of mine is perfectly capable of riding the few of us.”

Just now, when the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder helped himself, Kai was looking at it, and the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder was not as ferocious as the legends in Kai’s opinion!


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