A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3095

Seeing that the crowd and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder were all on Kai’s side, preventing him from making a move, Ye Fengqing’s face turned very ugly!

“Just this guy, I only need to slap him to death, where’s the fight?”

“If I kill him, it’s like crushing an ant, it won’t affect the spirit ship at all.”

Ye Fengqing said loudly!

If two people were of equal strength, a fight would cause a landslide and the spirit ship would not be able to withstand it, but the difference in strength between him and Kai was so huge that there was no such thing as a fight!

He felt like he could slap Kai, a tiny Harmonisation realm fifth grade cultivator, to death with a single slap!

When the crowd heard this, they felt that what Ye Fengqing said was also reasonable, so they shut their mouths!

“Servant Ye is right, this fellow is only a fifth grade of the Harmonisation realm, not to mention Servant Ye, even if I were to make a move, I would be able to whip him to death with a slap.

“This kind can’t even trigger a fight, much less damage the spirit ship.”

Zhou Tai stood out and helped Ye Fengqing!

He was already dissatisfied with Kai and the others, and he was blocked from making a move on the spirit ship himself, so now it was just the right time to use Ye Fengqing’s hand to get Kai killed, so that he could get out a mouthful of bad anger!

Now, no one was stopping Ye Fengqing, so Ye Fengqing looked at Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and said “Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, now that no one has spoken up, are you still stopping me from doing it?”

“I’ve said it before, I won’t let anyone threaten a single ounce of my safety, no matter if you kill him, whether it will cause the spirit ship to be damaged or not, even if there’s a one in a million chance, I won’t agree to it.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man said with a serious face!

Ye Fengqing saw that this Devil Mountain Ghost Elder didn’t give him face, he immediately said angrily “Hmph, I gave you face, that’s why I inquired, now I’m going to kill him, let’s see who dares to stop me.”

“If you dare to do it, then this spirit ship must be damaged and sunk, at that time we all have to die ……”

After saying that, Ye Fengqing didn’t even care about that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, and slapped his palm towards Kai!

This palm, Ye Fengqing did not dare to use all his strength, after all, to kill Kai a Harmonisation realm fifth grade cultivator, not to use all his strength!

Moreover, as a Transition Realm cultivator, if he used his full strength, when Kai died, then this spirit ship would definitely be damaged as well!


“Mr Chen ……”

Seeing this, Gao Qilan and Ji Yun wanted to rush over to help!

Although the two of them going over would only be a drop in the bucket, and they were not strong enough to face the Transitional Succession Realm, they could not just stand by and watch Kai get killed!

“You guys don’t come over, a mere district of the Transition Realm can’t kill me ……”

Kai had a confident face at this moment!

Because as soon as Ye Fengqing made a move, he realised that Ye Fengqing was only at the second rank of the Transition Realm, and although Kai’s current strength was such that he couldn’t beat Ye Fengqing, it wasn’t that easy for Ye Fengqing to kill himself!

What’s more, Ye Fengqing had underestimated Kai and didn’t use his full strength, so it was simply impossible to kill Kai with this palm!

When the crowd heard that Kai, a mere fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm, was even looking down on the Transition Realm, they all cast contemptuous gazes!

“Hmph, on the verge of death, he’s still bragging!”

“Still a mere Ferrying Realm, doesn’t he know that a single finger from the Ferrying Realm can leave him dead without a burial place?”

“Young people nowadays, their strength is not high, but their arrogance is not small!”

The crowd all disdained Kai’s words, thinking that Kai was just bragging!

After all, a fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm not being able to look at a cultivator of the Ferrying Realm was bullshit!

Ye Fengqing was also amused by Kai’s words, the corner of his mouth lifted up as he said, “I have never seen a tiny Harmonisation Realm cultivator look down on a Transitional Apparition Realm, but today I will let you see the gap between you and me.”

“I won’t slap you to death, I will let you die in despair and pain ……”

Ye Fengqing said, surprisingly, he reduced the power of this palm again, he was really afraid that if he exerted a little bit of force, Kai would be slapped to death!


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