A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3094

But this promise from Ye Fengqing was different, if he could flatter the Demon Sealing Alliance, perhaps his whole life would be changed!

Many people felt that Kai would definitely agree!

If they were replaced by themselves, they would also agree without hesitation.

After all, with the strength of the Demon Sealing Alliance, no one dared to reject it, and there was no way to do so!

“I don’t need the favour of the Demon Sealing Alliance, what I need is this Wind Stabilising Pearl ……”

Kai refused without hesitation and refused dryly!

Kai knew what the Demon Sealing Alliance was like, and he still had a beef following the Demon Sealing Alliance, so how could he possibly give this Wind Stabilising Pearl to someone from the Demon Sealing Alliance!

Hearing Kai refuse, everyone was stunned, even that Ye Fengqing did not expect that Kai would refuse without hesitation!

The atmosphere became weird all of a sudden, and Ye Fengqing’s face became gloomy!

“The favours of my Demon Sealing Alliance cannot withstand this Wind Setting Pearl?” Ye Fengqing’s eyes slightly condensed as he said!

“In my eyes, the favours of the Demon Sealing Alliance are worthless ……”

Kai said with a calm expression!


Kai’s words immediately caused the cultivators at the scene to be in an uproar!

None of them thought that Kai would say this, even if they didn’t want to sell the Wind Setting Bead, they could have said it in a different way and properly followed Ye Fengqing to discuss it!

However, Kai’s words were obviously looking down on the Demon Sealing Alliance, this was not playing with a big knife on the head of the king of Yan, looking for death?


Ye Fengqing’s face was horribly gloomy, and his body’s aura instantly erupted “No one has ever said that before, and you are the first.”

“But let me tell you, there is nothing that I can’t get that my Demon Sealing Alliance wants to get, do you understand?”

Obviously, Ye Fengqing was threatening Kai, if Kai dared to say a word of no, he would do it right away!

“Is that so? What I don’t want to sell, no one has ever been able to take it away from me ……”

Kai’s colour also turned grim!

Seeing Kai being so tough-talking, Ye Fengqing was infuriated!

While everyone else thought Kai was crazy!

“This guy, a small cultivator of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, is calling after the Ferrying Realm, is he stupid?”

“I think it’s a newborn calf that’s not afraid of tigers, one little finger from someone else is going to kill him.”

“How bullish, this is the first time I’ve seen a Harmonisation Realm call out after a Transitional Apparition Realm.”

Numerous cultivators did not expect that Kai, a tiny Harmonisation Realm fifth grade cultivator, there were many people on top of the Spirit Ship who had higher strength than Kai, and even these people did not dare to follow Ye Fengqing to say a big word!

But Kai, this tiny cultivator, even followed Ye Fengqing to call for death, this was obviously looking for death!

“Kid, talking to me like this, you are the first one ……”

After Ye Fengqing finished speaking, his palm grabbed towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai’s body aura also instantly exploded, ready to strike at any time!

“Helmsman Ye, as the actual controller of the spirit ship, you are also an expert of the Transition Realm, don’t you know that if you make a move on this spirit ship, all of us will suffer?”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder spoke up!

Ye Fengqing frowned “Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, you want to help him?”

“I’m not helping him, I’m helping myself, if you guys fight, this spirit ship is bound to suffer, then won’t all of us become companions?”

“I have to take responsibility for myself, whoever puts me in danger, then I’ll let him have a bad time too!”

Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man said!

The words of the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder also caused the resonance of many cultivators, they were all in the same boat, although Kai’s death or life had nothing to do with them, but once the fight broke out and the spirit ship was destroyed, in the middle of this vast sea of ink, then they would only have one way to die.

“We can’t make a move on this spirit ship, otherwise we’re all doomed.”

“That’s right, spirit ships can’t have hands, isn’t that a rule, how can we violate it ourselves?”

“We all have to be of one mind, whoever makes a move on a spirit ship is the enemy of us all.”

For the sake of their own safety, the many cultivators also yelled!


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