A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3093

The precious pearl held in Kai’s hand was seen to emit a dazzling light, while around the spirit ship, hurricanes began to rotate around the spirit ship, eventually forming a tornado!

However, at the centre of the tornado, there was not the slightest wind blowing, the spirit ship stayed peacefully at the centre of the tornado, and there was not even a single wave in the sea of ink!

The crowd was stunned by the scene in front of them, they finally believed at this moment that the pearl in Kai’s hand was indeed the Wind Setting Pearl!

Kai was also a little surprised at this moment, he did not expect that this bead, which did not look very eye-catching, would still have this kind of ability!

It seemed that the dragon sucking water just now was caused by this Wind Setting Bead!

No one knew, only that Sacred Turtle knew, and that was why it swam inside the tornado and brought this Wind Fixing Bead to Kai!

Just as Kai was surveying the wind bead in his hand, he found that the light of the wind bead slowly began to flicker, and the surrounding hurricane began to turn into a tiny stream of wind, which was constantly being absorbed by the wind bead!

In about ten minutes time, the sea surface which had just been raging with wild winds regained its calmness, and the raging hurricanes were actually sucked in by the tiny Wind Stabilising Bead!

Kai surveyed the Wind Stabilising Bead, and the sound of the wind within the Wind Stabilising Bead appeared to be more pronounced!

At this moment, Kai began to get excited inside, because he could feel the wind from within the Wind Fixing Bead, if he could use this Wind Fixing Bead to sense the Origin of Wind, that would be too good to be true!

However, Kai did not show it, because the more excited he showed, the more envious the crowd around him would become, and then from envy to hatred, he might have to become a target!

“It’s really a wind-stabilising bead, this is really a wind-stabilising bead ……”

“Within the wind fixing bead, there must be quite a lot of wind breath, if one happens to be cultivating a wind technique, getting this wind fixing bead will double one’s strength.”

“Envious, really envious ……”

Numerous cultivators’ eyes were filled with envy, and some were drooling!

After all, this Wind Fixing Bead was an ancient divine artefact with an immeasurable value!

And the wind breath contained within it was again the rarest of the invisible breaths.

Looking at the greedy and envious gazes of the many cultivators, Gao Qilan was a little afraid, so she pulled Kai and said “Kai, let’s go ……”.

Gao Qilan was afraid that if he stayed any longer, these people would all go crazy and then snatch this Wind Fixing Pearl at any cost!

“This Taoist friend, can the Wind Fixing Pearl be favoured to me, I see that what you cultivate is not a wind technique, and this Wind Fixing Pearl won’t be able to play much of a role in your hands.”

“And it is the Wind System Technique that I cultivate, if you give me the Wind Fixing Bead, whatever you want, just feel free to ask, and I, the Demon Sealing Alliance, will always owe you a favour.”

Just as Kai was planning to leave, Ye Fengqing slowly blocked in front of Kai!

Behind Ye Fengqing, a dozen or so staff members in Bagua robes followed!

Seeing that Ye Fengqing wanted the Wind Stabilising Pearl, the others stepped back, and the atmosphere of the scene began to be a little different!

After all, Ye Fengqing was the Demon Sealing Alliance’s sub-leader, and if he wanted the Wind Fixing Bead, then the others would definitely not have a chance!

However, Ye Fengqing’s words also caused many cultivators to cast envious looks at Kai!

All other things were fine, but this one favour from the Demon Sealing Alliance was truly a priceless existence!

Everyone knew the strength of the Demon Sealing Alliance in the entire Celestial Realm!

Even some clans and aristocrats had no way to compare with the Demon Sealing Alliance!

Ye Fengqing, as the sub-rudder master of the Demon Sealing Alliance, the weight of his words must be very heavy within the Demon Sealing Alliance, so this promise of his was worth a lot of money!

Although the Wind Fixing Bead was a priceless treasure, it couldn’t bring much benefit if the cultivation wasn’t a wind technique!


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