A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3092

“What is this thing?”

Ji Yun curiously put his head over and stared dead at the treasure bead in Kai’s hand!

Kai shook his head, he didn’t know what this Sacred Turtle was carrying in its mouth, but looking at it, it was definitely a treasure!

“Wind Stabilising Bead? This is the Wind Fixing Bead?”

At this time, the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man came up, his eyes beaming as he looked at the treasure bead in Kai’s hand!

Hearing the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder speak of the Wind Stabilising Pearl, Kai became even more puzzled, not knowing what this Wind Stabilising Pearl was!

However, the other cultivators were restless after hearing this!

“What? This is the Wind Fixing Pearl? Impossible, right?”

“Rumour has it that the Wind Fixing Pearl is the treasure of the Ancient Wind Woman, could there really be a Wind Fixing Pearl?”

“This is never possible, how could the Wind Fixing Pearl be so small!”

Numerous cultivators crowded over to watch it and murmured!

Some believed that this was a Wind Fixing Bead, while others did not!

However, Kai saw this and hurriedly put away the treasure bead, regardless of whether this bead was the Wind Fixing Bead or not, as the saying goes, wealth does not reveal itself, looking at the eyes of these people in front of him, it was expected that they all wanted it!

Seeing Kai put away the precious bead, the crowd also dispersed, not many people believed that this was the Wind Stabilising Bead!

However, that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man came forward and said to Kai “Fellow Daoist, I wonder if you can sell that treasure pearl to me, for how much you can just offer, or I can exchange it with other items.”

“Sorry, I don’t sell or exchange ……”

Kai shook his head, then with Ji Yun and Gao Qilan in tow, he was about to jump onto the back of the Sacred Turtle!

Looking at Kai about to leave, the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder then spoke “Fellow Daoist, if you don’t want to sell this treasure pearl, I advise you to stay on the spirit ship, as this is the only place that is the safest, after all, you can’t use martial arts on the spirit ship, or else you will become everyone’s public enemy.”

After Kai heard this, he turned his head to look at the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, then smiled and said “Thank you senior for reminding me, but I feel that being on this spirit ship is the most dangerous.”

After Kai finished speaking, he leapt up and was about to jump onto the Holy Turtle’s back!

But right at this moment, suddenly the Ink Sea surged up with a huge wave that slapped on top of the spirit ship, followed by a fierce wind!

The huge spirit ship was like a flat boat, constantly rocking above the sea of ink, as if it would collapse into the sea of ink at any time!

At this moment, all the cultivators on the spirit ship panicked, and they were all shocked!

That Ye Fengqing shouted “Stabilise the spirit boat, quickly stabilise the spirit boat ……”.

More than a dozen staff wearing bagua robes, began to desperately pinch the magic trick, the spirit ship around the formation constantly flashing light!

But even so, the spirit ship was still swaying from side to side in this hurricane.

There were constantly cultivators being swayed and falling into the sea of ink, and Gao Qilan was also desperately grabbing the spirit ship’s fence, but the power of this hurricane exceeded everyone’s imagination!

Fortunately, this spirit ship was the largest and could still hold on for a bit, if it was one of those smaller spirit ships, it would have been blown over or disintegrated by now!

Seeing the spirit ship swaying more and more, and the surrounding hurricane lifting up tens of metres high waves to beat over, was the crowd all fell into despair!

They didn’t understand how such a large hurricane could suddenly appear!

“Wind-stabilising bead, Taoist friend quickly take out the wind-stabilising bead ……”

At this moment, that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man looked towards Kai and said loudly!

Kai was pulling Gao Qilan tightly with one hand to resist this hurricane, hearing the words of the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, Kai hesitated for a moment, but still took out that precious pearl!

When Kai had just taken out the precious pearl, the original scene of howling winds instantly quieted down!

Only to see that the hurricane began to turn when it reached a dozen metres away from the spirit ship, as if there was something that made the hurricane fearful of appearing!

The spirit ship quieted down and the crowd came back to their senses from the panic!


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