A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3091

It was not easy to be able to tame such a large Sacred Turtle, which had just been tamed and was taken away by the tornado!

Kai was also very strange, he didn’t understand why this Sacred Turtle didn’t listen to his command and insisted on swimming towards that tornado?

“Don’t all yell, right now the spirit ship is heading towards the direction of the tornado, we have to either divert the spirit ship or stop it before we can do so.”

“Now we need someone to attract those holy turtles, don’t let those holy turtles be controlling the spirit ship forward.”

“If the spirit ship enters the area of the tornado, then none of us will be able to survive in this vast sea of ink.”

Ye Fengqing at this moment said loudly!

After hearing this, everyone stopped talking, but no one jumped off the spirit ship to attract those holy turtles, after all, what dangers were there, no one knew!

Like this kind of selfless dedication, I’m afraid that this whole boat of cultivators, can’t find a few of them!

They came to the Ink Sea to hunt for treasure and see what opportunities they could come across!

No one would risk their lives for someone who didn’t want to do it.

Ye Fengqing saw that no one moved, he couldn’t help but frown, it wasn’t that he pitied these cultivators, he was afraid that he would be in danger, in addition, this spirit ship was also valuable, if it was destroyed by the tornado, it would be a big loss!

Seeing that the spirit ship was getting closer and closer to the tornado, still no one stepped forward!

Kai glanced at Gao Qilan and Ji Yun beside him and took a violent step forward, “I’ll do it, I’ll go and attract those holy turtles away, you guys quickly reroute ……”

Kai therefore stood out, not some kind of holy mother, he just didn’t want to see Gao Qilan in any danger.

Seeing Kai stand out, the many cultivators all cast gazes of admiration!

“On your own, how did you attract so many Sacred Turtles?”

Seeing Kai stand out, Ye Fengqing asked!

“You don’t have to care, I have my own way ……”

Kai knew that his divine dragon power was a magic treasure that restrained these holy turtles!
> At that time, that huge Sacred Turtle was so stubborn, but after Kai cast his Divine Dragon Power, it instantly became honest!

Only, in front of so many people, casting the Divine Dragon Power, Kai was afraid that his identity would be known by many people!

However, things were tight and one could not care less!

“Kai, I’ll go with you ……” Seeing Kai standing out, Gao Qilan said with a worried face!

“Just don’t go, stay well on the spirit ship, I’ll be fine.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

But just as Kai was planning to jump off the spirit ship and attract those Saint Turtles, suddenly the sky, which was compensated by the black clouds, directly became bright.

That raging tornado, surprisingly, was also slowly disappearing, and soon there was no trace of it!

Calmness was restored in the Ink Sea, and dozens of Sacred Turtles were still wrapping the Spirit Ship and travelling forward, only no one knew where these Sacred Turtles were going to take the Spirit Ship!

“Look, that huge holy turtle is in the sky ……”

The crowd raised their eyes and found that the holy turtle that had just rushed into the tornado was floating in mid-air, and then slowly fell into the sea of ink and quickly swam towards the spirit ship!

And in that Holy Turtle’s mouth, a dazzling bead emitted a brilliant light, the light shone through, even the pitch-black sea water became bright!

“What’s in that holy turtle’s mouth?”

“It’s so bright, it can’t be some kind of treasure, right?”

“It must be a treasure, I’ve long heard of the Sacred Beast Royal Master, I didn’t realise that this Sacred Turtle had just rushed into the tornado to seek a treasure.”

Numerous cultivators looked at the huge Sacred Turtle and couldn’t help but show envy!

Ye Fengqing as well as that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, on the other hand, had a slight frown on their faces as they looked at what was in the Holy Turtle’s mouth, their eyes filled with greed!

After the Sacred Turtle swam near the Spirit Ship, under a single spit, the bright bead flew towards Kai!

Kai caught it and realised that the bead was not big, but very heavy, and within the bead, there seemed to be gusts of wind coming out.


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