A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3090

Seeing this, Zhou Tai couldn’t help but be a little jealous and said “I didn’t expect that you siblings were really affectionate!”

Kai, on the other hand, smiled helplessly, and then looked towards Gao Qilan and Ji Yun and said “We are not going to take this spirit ship, we are going to take the Sacred Turtle directly, so that we can move a little bit more freely.”

The reason why Kai wanted to leave on the Sacred Turtle was because he wanted to go to that island to have a look, if he could have any strange encounters on the island, that would be great!

“Yeah, I’m going to take a ride on this Sacred Turtle as well, it’s sure to be especially cool!”

Gao Qilan clapped her hands excitedly!

This Holy Turtle was huge, and it was more than enough to sit on the three of them!

“Can I sit together as well?” Seeing this, Zhou Tai hurriedly asked!

He also wanted to sit on the Sacred Turtle, and there was also the fact that he didn’t want to follow Gao Qilan and separate!

After all, if Gao Qilan left before he could soak his hand, wouldn’t he lose out big time!

In order to get boat tickets for Gao Qilan, he had died three of his men!

“Can’t ……”

Gao Qilan directly refused!

“Miss Gao, you ……” Zhou Tai didn’t expect that Gao Qilan would reject himself!

“Don’t even think about Miss Gao, Miss Gao already has a master.”

Seeing this, Ji Yun looked at Zhou Tai with a sneer!

“The famous flower has a boyfriend? Who is Miss Gao’s boyfriend?”

Zhou Tai frowned with a furious expression!

But when he finished speaking, after looking at the way Gao Qilan and Kai were hugging each other, he instantly understood!

“You guys turned out to be lying to me, you are not brother and sister at all, simply damned ……”

Zhou Tai’s face was furious, and the aura on his body instantly erupted out!

Kai pulled Gao Qilan behind him, and his body also instantly erupted with breath, following Zhou Tai to fight against him!

Seeing that Zhou Tai and Kai were actually about to fight, many cultivators surrounded them!

“How dare you, dare you make a move on a spirit ship?”

Just as Zhou Tai wanted to make a move, a few people wearing Bagua robes came in an aggressive manner!

These were the staff on the spirit ship, and the spirit ship had rules against making a move on the ship!

Seeing the staff come, Zhou Tai put away his aura and looked at Kai angrily “You guys wait, when we dock, I’ll make you look good ……”

“After docking, you won’t be able to find us, we’ll be leaving on the Sacred Turtle right away!”

Ji Yun said with a cold smile!

The reason why he dared to follow Zhou Tai’s showdown just now was because they wouldn’t be travelling on the Spirit Ship right away, and there was no need to be hiding it from Zhou Tai.

Once Zhou Tai heard this, his face turned red with anger, but there was nothing he could do!

Just as Kai and the others were about to jump onto the Sacred Turtle, suddenly the entire spirit ship shook, and immediately after that, they saw the dozens of Sacred Turtles wrapped around the spirit ship moving forward once again!

Seeing this, the staff on the spirit ship kept chanting their magic spells, and the spirit ship emitted light, but it just couldn’t stop!

In front of the spirit ship, there was that huge dragon sucking water spectacle!

Everyone knows that the Dragon Sucking Water is formed by a huge tornado, and if the spirit ship rushes into the tornado, it will definitely be crushed to pieces.

Now, the crowd all panicked, and each of them used their own means to try to make the spirit ship stop, but it was simply useless!

Seeing this, Kai took Gao Qilan and Ji Yun and tried to jump onto the back of his Holy Turtle to avoid the tornado!

However, the huge Sacred Turtle did not listen to Kai’s command and quickly swam towards the tornado!

Seeing that it was getting closer and closer to the tornado, there was fear in the eyes of the crowd!

“Look, what is that?”

Someone pointed in the direction of the tornado and suddenly shouted!

The crowd hurriedly looked and found that the huge Holy Turtle had now swum to the centre of the tornado, its huge body being carried away from the sea surface by the tornado towards the black clouds in mid-air!

“What kind of holy turtle is this? It’s a stupid turtle, right?”

“Didn’t I say that all holy turtles are spiritually intelligent, such a large holy turtle should be smarter than a human, why did it take the initiative to swim into the tornado on its own.”

“It was hard to tame the holy turtle, this time it’s gone.”

Many people discussed, and some people looked at Kai pitifully!


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