A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3089

“Fellow Daoist Jin is polite, it was only because you tamed the Sacred Turtle yourself and moved a single muscle that I was able to have the opportunity to help.”

Kai said modestly!

“I really didn’t expect that a mere fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm would be able to tame such a huge Sacred Turtle, in that case, where does that leave my old man’s face?”

That devil mountain ghost old man opened his mouth, then leapt up and gently patted his tamed holy turtle “You are free, quickly leave ……”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Elder had actually released his tamed Sacred Turtle, in his opinion, Kai, a tiny cultivator had tamed such a huge Sacred Turtle!

As a Devil Mountain Ghost Elder, it would be a loss of face for him to tame such an ordinary Sacred Turtle, so he casually and directly released the Sacred Turtle!

Seeing the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder release the Holy Turtle, many cultivators were all heartbroken!

To know, many of them can’t even tame the ordinary sacred turtle, how good it would be if it was given to them!

And that Ye Fengqing’s face was terribly gloomy at this time!

He looked at the Holy Turtle that the Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man had let go and felt a sense of regret in his heart!

At first, the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man said he would give it to him, but he didn’t want it!

Now it was good, people released it!

There was also that huge Sacred Turtle, which he, as the Demon Sealing Alliance’s Branch Rudder Master, hadn’t been able to tame, but had been tamed by Kai, a Harmonisation Realm 5th Grade Junior Cultivator, which was nothing short of a disgrace!

So many people were watching, and he had even made a big deal about Kai being thrown into the sea in twenty seconds!

Now that Kai had not only not been thrown into the sea, but had also tamed this huge sacred turtle, it was simply a slap in the face!

Kai and Jin Dong crossed onto the spirit ship together, and the girl who followed Jin Dong, quickly ran up!

“Senior brother, are you alright? I was scared to death just now ……”

The girl said with great concern!

“Elder sister, I’ve said it all, I’m sure I’m fine.” Jin Dong smiled lightly, then pointed to Kai and said “This is Kai Chen brother, just now you also saw, if not for him, I’m afraid that I don’t know how long I would have spent following that Sacred Turtle.”

“My daughter Luo Xi thanks Mr Chen ……”

The girl very politely followed Kai with a salute!

“Miss Luo is polite ……,” Kai hurriedly said!

Although these two were both demonic cultivators, they were nonetheless courteous and polite, making Kai feel a deep sense of emotion within!

“Senior sister, now that we have the Sacred Turtle, we can now leave this Spirit Ship and travel this Ink Sea on our own.”

Jin Dong said to Luo Xi!

“En!” Luo Xi smiled and nodded!

“You guys are leaving the spirit ship? Although you guys can also cross the Ink Sea with the Sacred Turtle around, but after all, it’s not as safe as this Spirit Ship.”

“And being on the back of that Sacred Turtle, with the wind blowing and the sun shining, it’s also very tough, so why do you want to leave this spirit ship?”

Kai was surprised to see Jin Dong and Luo Xi actually wanting to leave on the Sacred Turtle!

“Brother Chen, although this spirit ship is safe and comfortable, it is not suitable for the two of us, I’m sure you know why without me saying it, right?”

Jin Dong said with a helpless smile!

Kai did not say anything, he did know the reason, the two of them were demonic cultivators, on top of this spirit ship, the experts were like clouds, if they were careless and their breath was not well hidden, it would be troublesome if they were discovered!

Jin Dong let Luo Xi jump to the holy turtle, then followed Kai, “Brother Chen, if there is fate we will meet again, but I also advise you, you also leave this spirit ship as soon as possible, otherwise it will also be dangerous.”

After saying that, Jin Dong also jumped onto the Sacred Turtle and waved his hand after Kai, then the two of them left on the Sacred Turtle!

Kai looked at the two, he knew what Jin Dong meant, the two of them must have also taken themselves as demonic cultivators!

After all, Kai also had a demonic aura present in his body!

“Brother, you are really great ……”

At this time, Gao Qilan and also Ji Yun walked over to them!

Gao Qilan directly pounced on Kai and even gave him a kiss on his face!


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