A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3088

Obviously, the Sacred Turtle’s eyes were filled with panic after seeing the Golden Dragon appear and feeling the power of the Divine Dragon within Kai’s body!


The Sacred Turtle let out a low cry that seemed to carry a plea!

Seeing this, Kai once again probed out with his divine sense, and this Holy Turtle obediently let go of the Sea of Consciousness, not daring to resist in any way!

Soon, Kai’s divine sense swept through the sacred turtle’s sea of consciousness, he surprisingly found that not far from here, there is a small island!

Only that this Holy Turtle had not been on the island, so Kai had no way to understand the situation on the island from within the Holy Turtle’s sea of consciousness!

Retracting his divine sense, the Holy Turtle was already honest, constantly emitting bursts of low chirps, seemingly pleasing Kai.

Seeing this, Kai smiled and patted that Holy Turtle’s head “Alright, take me back ……”

The Sacred Turtle sprayed out a stream of seawater, then quickly headed towards the spirit ship!

The people on the spirit ship were all looking at Jin Dong, now that more than half an hour had passed, Jin Dong was still lying dead on the turtle armour.

The Holy Turtle underneath him was also running out of strength, but both sides were spending time like this, the Holy Turtle did not accept Jin Dong!

The Sacred Turtle floated helplessly on the sea, and Jin Dong lay helplessly on top of the Sacred Turtle!

Numerous cultivators also watched without any meaning, there was no way to know when the end would come if they continued to consume like this!

“Look, what is that?”

At this moment, someone pointed into the distance and shouted!

The crowd hurriedly looked over and found a huge holy turtle that was breaking the waves against the wind and coming towards their spirit ship!

The appearance of a huge holy turtle didn’t surprise them, what surprised them was that on top of this holy turtle, there was actually a human figure standing on top of it!

The strong sea breeze blew by, and the robes on the silhouette swayed with the wind, as if it was an immortal!

But when the holy turtle swam closer, the crowd realised that it was actually Kai who was standing on that holy turtle, and this was the holy turtle that Kai had just tried to tame!

Looking at the returning Kai, and the obedient Sacred Turtle at his feet, everyone was dumbfounded!

A Harmonisation Realm 5th Grade cultivator had tamed such a huge Sacred Tortoise?

One must know that this Sacred Turtle was not even tamed by Ye Fengqing.

Seeing Kai return safely, Gao Qilan and Ji Yun all jumped up in excitement!

“Holy shit, Miss Gao, this brother of yours is too awesome, isn’t he? Still really tamed this Sacred Turtle?”

Zhou Tai’s eyes were also wide and his mouth round with shock when he saw that Kai had returned with the Sacred Tortoise!

As for Jin Dong, who was lying on the tortoise armour, seeing Kai returning with the Holy Tortoise, knowing that the other party had tamed the Holy Tortoise, he could not help but cast an envious gaze!

It was important to know that Kai’s Holy Turtle was the largest and the most difficult to tame, and now Kai had tamed it!

While Jin Dong’s turtle was small and had not been tamed after half a day, it was obvious that the two had already seen the end of their competition!

Kai saw that Jin Dong was in a stalemate with the Holy Turtle underneath him, so he decided to help him out!

Only Kai patted his Holy Turtle’s head and said “Go, help him ……”

Kai’s Sacred Turtle let out a low cry and then swam over!

The Holy Turtle below Jin Dong immediately acted very respectfully when he saw Kai’s Holy Turtle swim over!

It could be seen that this Holy Turtle that Kai had tamed was the leader within this group of Holy Turtles!

Only to see Kai’s Sacred Turtle rubbing its head against the head of another Sacred Turtle, and immediately that Sacred Turtle let out a roar!

Immediately after that, it turned its head and stuck out its tongue to lick at Jin Dong’s hand!

Seeing the turtle’s appearance, Jin Dong’s eyes were full of surprise, so he slowly loosened his hand, and found that the turtle under his feet had indeed stopped resisting!

Gently stroking the Holy Turtle’s head, Jin Dong looked at Kai with excitement on his face and said “Brother, thank you ……”

“If you can use me, I, Jin Dong, will do anything to help you.”

Jin Dong knew that without Kai’s help, it would be very difficult for him to tame the Sacred Turtle under his feet!


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