A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3087

It was simply too late for any reaction, and the cultivator was directly knocked down into the sea of ink by the pitch-black water column!

After struggling twice, it directly disappeared into the sea of ink!

“This fool, daring to call a Sacred Turtle an animal, really seeking death by himself.”

“These Holy Turtles have long been spiritually intelligent, except for the appearance of not transforming into human form, following humans is no different, still really think they don’t understand human language?”

When the crowd saw the tragic death of the cultivator who fell into the Sea of Ink, they didn’t feel the slightest bit of sadness, instead, they all gloated!

These Sacred Turtles were powerful, but hadn’t actively attacked humans, so the many cultivators were still fond of the Sacred Turtles!

The cultivator who had just spoken out of turn also deserved to die!

While the crowd was discussing the tragic death of the cultivator, Kai had already been taken away by the huge Sacred Turtle tens of miles away!

Above the pitch-black sea water, clinging to the sight, one could no longer see any figure of Kai!

Realising that Kai’s figure was nowhere to be seen, the crowd of cultivators immediately sighed with emotion!

“In order to tame the Sacred Turtle, he put his life on the line for nothing.”

“Truly unimportant, a mere fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm, still trying to tame the Sacred Turtle, still trying to tame the biggest Sacred Turtle.”

“If this guy is able to tame that biggest Holy Turtle, then wouldn’t we all be slapped in the face.”

“It feels like the one who would be most slapped in the face that way would be Servant Master Ye.”

The many cultivators discussed and then placed their gazes on that Jin Dong!

Just now, they were all focused on Kai, not many of them paid attention to Jin Dong, now Kai was not even a figure anymore, so they put all their eyes on Jin Dong!

At this moment, Gao Qilan and Ji Yun looked at the disappearing Kai, and all of them pulled their hearts out!

Although they also knew Kai’s strength, but after all, this place was above the Ink Sea, not on land, if they really encountered something, above this Ink Sea, there was no place to escape even if they wanted to!

“Miss Gao, this brother of yours doesn’t have a high strength, but his guts are really not small, he even went along to tame the Holy Turtle, and he dared to go after the largest in size!”

Zhou Tai also had some respect for Kai at this moment, no matter what, this ruthlessness of Kai was really remarkable!

Gao Qilan was not interested in paying attention to Zhou Tai, at this moment, she was anxious and worried about Kai’s safety, where did she have the mood to pay attention to Zhou Tai!

On top of the sea of ink, Jin Dong had already changed from standing to a prone position, his hands were clasping the tortoise shell, his hands had already been bloodied and battered!

Several times he had nearly been thrown into the Ink Sea, but Jin Dong did not give up in the slightest, he knew that if he could not tame a Sacred Turtle, sooner or later they would be discovered on top of the Spirit Ship!

If they were discovered by the people from the Demon Sealing Alliance, then they would not be able to escape!

For the sake of his senior sister, Jin Dong also fought with all his might!

Seeing Jin Dong put up such a fight, many of the cultivators on the spirit ship could not help but admire him!

“Who is this guy again? Looks like he’s putting up a good fight too, both his hands are about to be wasted.”

“I don’t recognise it, the aura on this guy’s body doesn’t show at all, using brute force alone to resist this Sacred Turtle, he really has guts.”

“In order to tame a holy turtle, this is putting his life on the line!”

The crowd murmured!

And Jin Dong’s senior sister’s face was filled with anxiety as she looked at her senior brother!

Kai, who was dozens of miles away from the spirit ship, was still trying to communicate with the Holy Turtle underneath him with his Divine Sense, but the Holy Turtle was quite stubborn and desperately resisted, not giving Kai the chance to enter his sea of consciousness with his Divine Sense.

Now half an hour has passed, even though this holy turtle is huge, at this moment is also a little exhausted, swimming speed is getting slower and slower, but even so, it is not submissive to Kai at all!

Seeing that this Holy Turtle was too stubborn, Kai glanced at the Spirit Ship, which had long since disappeared, and then exploded the power of the Divine Dragon in his body!

A golden dragon hissed and appeared, constantly circling around Kai’s head.


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