A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3086

Kai was also standing steadily on the back of that huge Sacred Turtle, and this huge sized Sacred Turtle was obviously swimming a little faster!

Along with swimming, the Saint Turtle also kept jumping and emitted a low sound!

“Watch, this little cultivator, I guess he can’t even hold on for a minute ……”

“One minute? Are you kidding me, it’s estimated to last at most thirty seconds!”

“It’s really a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers, with the strength of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, he still dares to tame the largest Sacred Turtle!”

When the crowd saw Kai standing on the back of the Sacred Turtle and being taken away, the crowd once again murmured!

“He won’t last more than twenty seconds, I have experienced the power of this Sacred Turtle!”

Ye Fengqing opened his mouth, the reason he said this was just to gain some face for himself!

After all, it was humiliating to say big words and not be able to tame the Sacred Turtle yourself!

Seeing Ye Fengqing say this, the crowd nodded in agreement.

At this time, many people were focusing on Kai, then Jin Dong did not have many people to focus on, which made Jin Dong also have a lot less risk of exposure!

But even so, Jin Dong did not dare to be careless, deadening the breath in his body and relying on his body’s brute strength to stay steady on top of the turtle armour!

Kai did not use a jackhammer-like kung fu like the others to make himself tower over the tortoise armour, instead, he collected all of his breath and slowly sat on the tortoise armour, one hand gently caressing the tortoise armour as if it was caressing his own child!

He hoped that through this way, he could make the Holy Tortoise weaken the resistance within his body, and make the Holy Tortoise’s movements slow down!

At this time, Kai’s body also began to emit a holy light, although this light was not as powerful as that Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s and was able to illuminate everyone, but this light of Kai’s was much softer.

Soon, the huge Holy Turtle followed by Kai were all wrapped in this light, and under the effect of this light, the Holy Turtle began to slow down!

Seeing this scene, everyone was very surprised!

And that Ye Fengqing’s face became gloomy, because at this time, Kai had already been on top of the turtle armour for a few minutes, not the twenty seconds he had said!

This was undoubtedly a slap in his face!

Kai did not notice the attention of the people on the Spirit Ship, after seeing that the Sacred Turtle had slowed down, Kai’s heart rejoiced, and then he exuded a Divine Sense, intending to follow the Sacred Turtle and communicate with it!

If one wanted to tame the Sacred Turtle, in order for the Sacred Turtle to recognise its master, one had to make the Sacred Turtle’s mind reach agreement with one’s own in order to do so!

After all, this kind of Holy Turtle’s spiritual intelligence didn’t have to be inferior to that of a human!

If one could not get the Holy Turtle’s recognition, taming the Holy Turtle’s body alone was useless!

But just as Kai’s divine sense wanted to enter the Holy Turtle’s sea of consciousness, the Holy Turtle showed resistance and began to speed up its swimming, constantly rolling in the sea!

When the crowd saw that this Sacred Turtle had once again exerted its strength, they were all pumped up again.

“It seems that this Holy Turtle is huge in size and is really hard to tame ah, just now I thought I was going to succeed.”

“The larger the size of the Holy Turtle, the higher the spiritual intelligence, so if you want to get the approval of this Holy Turtle, you have to communicate with divine sense.”

“It looks like this Holy Turtle doesn’t want to be tamed by a tiny Harmonisation Realm fifth grade junior cultivator ah, otherwise how faceless.”

“Hahaha, it’s just an animal, what more face do you need.”

Someone suddenly laughed out loud, making the Sacred Turtle an animal!

As soon as those words were uttered, everyone looked at the cultivator who had just laughed out loud.

The laughing cultivator also seemed to notice that he had said the wrong thing, and his face directly changed!

But it was already too late, only to see the two Saint Turtles slap the water from under the spirit ship, as if they could fly!

Immediately after that, two huge water pillars went straight towards the laughing cultivator!


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