A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3085

“This beast, looking for death ……”

Ye Fengqing’s brows were furrowed and his face was gloomy!

Reaching out his hand, he was about to swing out a palm and chop that Sacred Turtle into the Sea of Ink!

“Helmsman, rest your anger ……”

A person wearing a bagua robe stopped Ye Feng Qing “If you do it, and so many holy turtles launch an attack on our spirit ship together, none of us will be able to escape, we’ll all fall into the Sea of Ink.”

When Ye Fengqing heard this, he slowly withdrew his outstretched hand!

“Servant Ye, you chose the largest Sacred Turtle, taming it is certainly difficult, if it was an average Sacred Turtle, you could definitely tame it.”

“If you want, I can give you this Saint Turtle that I tamed.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder also jumped on top of the spirit ship and said!

“No need ……,” Ye Fengqing waved his hand!

In front of the crowd, how could he ask for the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s things, but the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s words made Ye Fengqing very comfortable!

“Gentlemen, is there anyone else to try? We can go down a few more people and lure those holy turtles away so that we can cast a spell to turn the spirit ship.”

A person wearing a bagua robe asked!

These holy turtles were wrapped around the spirit ship, and no matter how they cast their spells, there was no way to control the spirit ship, which was why they asked the crowd to tame the holy turtles!

A few more cultivators jumped off the spirit ship, intending to try and see if they could tame a holy turtle!

But they all failed, but these people didn’t use force, so they weren’t injured!

The repeated failures made many people lose confidence and didn’t want to tame the sacred tortoise anymore!

“Senior sister, let me try ……”

The man in light blue clothes said!

“Senior brother, it’s too dangerous, you’d better not go, if you accidentally expose your breath, it’ll be troublesome.”

The girl gently grabbed the man’s sleeve and said!

“Don’t worry, it will be fine, if I can tame a Sacred Turtle, then we won’t have to be wary on the Spirit Ship, we can completely ride the Sacred Turtle and look for the Immortal Herb that will heal you.”
<br> The man softly comforted the girl!

Now that the people from the Demon Sealing Alliance had appeared, it made the man very worried, after all, everyone knew that the Demon Sealing Alliance was capturing demonic cultivators everywhere.

After saying that, the man then leapt up!

Right at the same time, Kai also directly leapt up and jumped out of the spirit ship, heading straight for the largest of the sacred turtles that had been there!

Kai and the man leapt up almost simultaneously, and landed on top of the turtle’s armour at the same time!

When the crowd saw another person jumping off the spirit ship, they couldn’t help but watch in curiosity!

“What is that guy? How did he dare to jump directly onto the back of that biggest Sacred Turtle?”

“A small cultivator of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation realm, is this planning to tame the largest sacred turtle?”

“Even the Demon Sealing Alliance’s Branch Rudder Master wasn’t able to tame it, is this tiny cultivator maybe trying?”

Many people’s attention went to Kai!

Even that Ye Fengqing was staring at Kai in death!

However, Ye Fengqing’s expression did not change, as if he did not recognise Kai!

When Ji Yun and Gao Qilan saw that Ye Fengqing’s expression, they were relieved in their hearts as well, it seemed that this Ye Fengqing did not know about what happened in the Far North Land!

Kai and that man stood on top of the turtle armour and looked at each other!

Although it was only a glance, there was a lot of information contained within that glance!

Kai was able to tell that the other party had also detected that there was a demonic aura on him as well!

“Brother, I didn’t think it was so fateful that we jumped down together, I don’t know your name?”

Kai asked!

“Jin Dong, where is your honour?”

The man asked!

“My name is Kai, so let’s both compete to see who will tame a Sacred Turtle first!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Jin Dong saw that Kai was not malicious and seemed amiable, so he nodded his head “Good, then let’s have a match ……”

With that said, Jin Dong’s figure sank and stood firmly on top of the Holy Turtle’s tortoise armour, while the Holy Turtle roared and began to swim quickly!


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