A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3084

“Demon Sealing Alliance?”

Upon hearing the words Sealing Demon Alliance, Kai and also Gao Qilan and the girls frowned!

After all, Kai had killed several of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury of the Demon Sealing Alliance, and now perhaps the people of the Demon Sealing Alliance were chasing him!

Now that there was a sudden appearance of a Demon Sealing Alliance’s Branch Rudder Master, it was a bit difficult to deal with!

“What? You guys haven’t heard of the Demon Sealing Alliance?”

Zhou Tai saw Kai’s expression on their faces and thought that they did not know what the Demon Sealing Alliance was!

“I’ve heard of it, it’s just a rudder master of this Demon Sealing Alliance, why do you all look so scared of him? It seems like you are also afraid of him?”

Kai asked Zhou Tai!

This time, Zhou Tai did not brag, but nodded and said “I am also afraid of him, this Demon Sealing Alliance’s power is spread throughout the entire Celestial Realm, even if a Demon Sealing Alliance’s sub rudder master, in our area, it is also the existence of a horizontal walk, I don’t dare to mess with it!”

“Other people don’t dare to mess with it either, do you know why the pier spirit ship business is so red-hot, yet no one competes for it, not even a single person dares to forcefully board the ship, they all have to buy a ticket?”

Zhou Tai said mysteriously!

“Why?” Kai asked!

“Because behind this dock spirit ship, it is the Demon Sealing Alliance that is backing it up, with the Demon Sealing Alliance backing it up, who dares to rob the business, who dares not to buy the boat ticket ah!”

“I advise you guys to stay away from that Ye Fengqing, don’t look at his age, he’s very strong, and he’s ruthless!”

When Zhou Tai was talking about Ye Fengqing, he obviously looked very nervous, afraid that Ye Fengqing would hear him!

Kai fell into a deep thought, if so it seems, this Ye Feng Qing’s strength, definitely exceeded the Harmonisation realm, if it was the first or second grade of the Transition realm, Kai still had the ability to deal with it now, he could run even if he could not fight!

But if it was high, Kai would have a hard time dealing with it, not to mention that there were Gao Qilan and Ji Yun around, he couldn’t just leave them behind!

And just as Kai was pondering, Ye Fengqing had already arrived at the bow of the ship, looking at the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder riding on the Sacred Turtle with some envy in his eyes!

“So it’s Rudder Master Ye, won’t you tame one for fun?”

Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man smiled and greeted Ye Fengqing, the two looked as if they were well acquainted!

“Of course, I’m going to tame one that’s even bigger than this holy turtle of yours.”

Ye Fengqing swept a glance, then leapt up and headed towards one of the biggest Sacred Turtles!

It was important to know that the bigger this Sacred Turtle was, the bigger its strength would be, and the bigger its strength was, the harder it would be to tame it!

Now that this Ye Fengqing was heading towards the largest holy turtle, it was obvious that he was just trying to race past that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man!

“Hahahaha, Rudder Master Ye is indeed young and vigorous, and he wants to tame the biggest sacred turtle right out of the gate!”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man laughed out loud!

Everyone else also looked at Ye Feng Qing “The Demon Sealing Alliance’s Rudder Master, I wonder if he can tame this Sacred Turtle.”

“I think it’s easy, after all, to be the Demon Sealing Alliance’s Branch Rudder Master at that time, that’s not an ordinary person.”

“I don’t think it’s necessarily so, this biggest Sacred Turtle, but it’s very hard to tame.”

The crowd was talking, some people favoured Ye Fengqing, some didn’t, some people even started to sit on the fence and directly opened a bet!

“Mr Chen, do you think this guy can succeed?”

Ji Yun approached Kai and asked in a low voice!

Kai looked at it for a couple of moments, then shook his head and said “It’s hard ……”

Just as Kai’s words fell, that Ye Fengqing was suddenly thrown into mid-air by the Sacred Turtle!

Seeing Ye Fengqing being thrown into mid-air, several people wearing bagua robes on the spirit ship directly panicked!

“Helmsman ……”

Several people leapt up violently and headed straight for Ye Fengqing!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh …………

The Sacred Turtle suddenly ejected several water columns from its nostrils!

In just an instant, these few water columns killed three people wearing bagua robes in the sea of ink!

The other few people wearing the bagua robes covered Ye Fengqing and returned to the spirit ship!


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