A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3083

“Eating a child’s heart, could it be that this old guy is a demonic beast transformed into a demonic beast, or a demonic cultivator?”

Upon hearing this, Gao Qilan immediately asked in surprise!

After all, this kind of thing of eating a child’s heart was too appalling, if it was a human cultivator, surely no one would do this!

Zhou Tai shook his head “I don’t know, no one knows if this guy is a demon or not, the aura on him is very odd ……”

“Odd?” Kai was also stunned!

He did not understand what else was odd about this aura!

“This Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, the aura on his body is almost ever-changing, today you feel the aura on his body, if you change it to tomorrow, then his entire aura has changed.”

Zhou Tai explained!

When Kai heard this, he could not help but frown, there was such a situation?

To know that the breath on a person’s body has its own characteristics, when encountering a familiar person, even if the other party uses a veil to cover their face, if they are not deliberately hiding their breath or changing their breath, they can know who the other party is as soon as they probe their breath.

However, if the other party could change their breath, then there was no way to determine the other party’s identity by probing the breath!

Could it be that this fellow had the breath of three races within his body just like himself?

Just as Kai was pondering, that Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had already leapt up long ago and landed steadily on top of a Holy Turtle!

“Little baby, carry the grandpa me to have a good tour ……”

The Devil Mountain ghost old man sat cross-legged on top of that holy turtle with a relaxed look.

And that holy turtle was letting out a low roar, and quickly began to sprint and jump, wanting to shake you, the devil mountain ghost old man, off his own turtle armour!

But that Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man was sitting steadily on the turtle armour, just like sticking to it, not moving at all!

In this way, that holy turtle tossed for half an hour, and in the end, its speed became slower and slower, and it still couldn’t shake the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man off its back!

Although exhausted, but the holy turtle did not half give in, struggling to roll the body.

At this time, the Devil Mountain ghost old man, body radiates a light white light, this white light is very soft, like the rising sun, warm shine on the people as comfortable!

Feeling the white light on the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s body, the crowd was very surprised, after all, this Demon Mountain Ghost Elder looked to be very ferocious, how could he be able to emit this holy and incomparable light, and his breath was also very soft!

Kai was also surprised when he saw this, the change in the aura of this Demon Mountain Ghost Elder was just too fast!

Under the wrapping of this radiance, that Holy Turtle became quiet and began to quieten down, not struggling desperately anymore!

In the end, the Holy Turtle let out a hiss, and then raised its head high, this was the surface completely submitting!

“Holy shit, this old guy really subdued the holy turtle.”

“What kind of person is this? That holy light just now, it’s really comfortable.”

“It’s too awesome, convinced ……”

The crowd was all surprised to see that the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had really subdued the Sacred Turtle.

However, there were also many of them who knew the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, and they all looked surprised as well, after all, the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man had a very bad reputation, and for such a vicious person to be able to emit such a soft aura, made many people very surprised!

“Devil Mountain Ghost Old man really lives up to his name, ah, his breath is ever-changing, if in can change his appearance at will, then no one is recognising you.”

At this time, a man who was around thirty years old with deep eyes, leapt down from the most luxurious cabin on the top floor, and then opened his mouth!

Seeing the visitor, many people instantly dodged to the side, each acting very respectfully.

Zhou Tai’s face also changed as he saw the visitor, his expression tensed up!

“You know this person?” Seeing the expressions of Zhou Tai and the crowd, Kai guessed that this man’s identity must be extraordinary!

“I know him, this person is called Ye Fengqing, he is a sub-rudder master of the Demon Sealing Alliance, and he is mainly responsible for removing the demonic cultivators that have appeared in this area.”

Zhou Tai whispered!


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